Curfew serves everyone

It's an old story: Kids will be kids.
Not that every kid in Poland Township gets to wander the streets at all hours of the night, but some do. Not that every parent doesn't care what time a child comes home, but some don't.
And so Poland Township finds itself where dozens of cities and suburban communities in the Mahoning Valley have found themselves in recent years, considering a curfew.
Curtailing the freedoms of citizens, even underage citizens, is not to be taken lightly.
But community leaders do youngsters no favor if they allow them to roam the streets through the night, running the risk of getting into trouble, getting injured or injuring someone else.
Police Chief Carl Massullo, who proposed a curfew five years ago, has said he will do additional research and present the board of trustees with a proposal at next month's meeting.
Trustees should have no trouble agreeing on a sensible curfew that serves the best interests of the entire community.

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