Marriage licenses
Richard J. Longaberger, 56, of 22693 South Range Road, Alliance, and Carol L. Moats, 43, of same.
Dustin J. Seller, 25, of 4571 Kirk Road #9, Austintown, and Rachel Sherick, 23, of 3386 Western Reserve Road, Canfield.
Mark T. Stoops, 35, of 177 Ocean Lane Drive #709, Key Biscayne, Fla., and Chantel P. Saner, 27, of same.
William P. Brown, 20, of 27 E. Lewis St., Struthers, and Christina M. Torres, 38, of same.
Jarid K. Smith, 23, of 750 W. Main Street, Washingtonville, and Sarah J. Wasson, 23, of same.
James R. Cronk, 36, of 671 N. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, and Mary C. Ryba, 40, of 523 Summit Ave., Niles.
Divorces asked
Marianne Bakalik, 124 Wildwood Drive, Boardman, vs. Robert F. Bakalik Jr., 124 Wildwood Drive, Boardman.
Pamela M. Hobbs, 8000 St. Rosario Place, Canfield, vs. Edward M. Hobbs Jr., 8000 St. Rosario Place, Canfield.
David Brown, 14037 Unity Road, New Springfield, vs. Linda Brown, 29 Sycamore, New Middletown.
Laverne Dennis, 1344 Victor Ave., Youngstown, vs. Larry Dennis, 1344 Victor Ave., Youngstown.
Tamesha R. Cylar, 957 Winona Drive, Youngstown, vs. Michael D. Cylar, Butner, N.C.
Melissa Freed, 876 Compass West, Austintown, vs. Douglas Freed Sr., 507821/2 state Route 14, East Palestine.
New complaints
U.S. Bank NA et al vs. Lorin Schehl et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York, trustee et al vs. William J. Taylor et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York, Trustee et al vs. Horatio A. Millin Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Bank, Trustee et al vs. Glenna C. Collingwood et al, foreclosure.
Joy Marinelli et al vs. Bawla A. Baseen et al, money.
Sandra Greco et al vs. Robert E. Verhovec, money.
Melissa Barahona vs. Deborah L. Watson, money.
EMC Mortgage Corp. vs. Mildred C. Bush et al, foreclosure.
Arvona A. Miller et al vs. The Acme Co. et al, money.
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA et al vs. Lawrence N. Bodnar et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Kristin A. Berardinelli vs. Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, notice of appeal.
Probate Court
Will of Edgar F. McCullough: estate to Kevin E. Stanton, James A Frederick, Helen Gibson, Arthur McCullough, Rebecca Absten, Theresa M. McCullough, Patricia Goroum, Thomas Frederick, and Roberta A. Bauman, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Frances Rogan to Joseph Pizzola, Youngstown, $140,000.
Linda J. Kudlor et al to Brian Myers, Springfield Twp., $77,000.
Paul Stillion et al to David Stillion, Smith Twp., $71,000.
Elaine C. Moskosky et al to Robert E. Lewis et al, Campbell, $30,000.
James E. Goff et al to Frank F. Sympson, Boardman Twp., $84,000.
David Francis et al to Robert E. Francis, Goshen Twp., $91,000.
Laura B. Shasho to Lillie M. Thompson, Youngstown, $35,000.
4-K Enterprises to James M. Kaminski et al, Green Twp., $155,000.
Jan D. Payer to Raymond E. Gettings, Struthers, $3,500.
Anthony M. Cougras et al to Teresa L. Laret et al, Springfield Twp., $156,500.
Anthony E. Quaranto et al to Robert W. Agee et al, Boardman Twp., $85,000.
John S. Visger et al to Matthew T. Langenberg, Austintown Twp., $120,000.
Eric C. Dreher et al to Peggy S. Montgomery, Sebring, $72,000.
Irene E. Deonofrio to Tamara L. Vogel, Boardman Twp., $64,075.
Sharrott Road Development Corp. to Bertelli Homes Inc., Austintown Twp., $15,000.
Sharrott Road Development Corp. to Bertelli Homes Inc., Austintown Twp., $15,000.
Wanda S. Karas, trustee et al to CLF Land Partnership, Smith Twp., $390,000.
Ernest Bruce Jr. et al to Carlotta A. Harris, Youngstown, $28,000.
Wanda S. Karas et al to CLF Land Partnership, Berlin Twp., $150,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Teri L. Carter, 456 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. 42, Youngstown; auto assembler, GMC; liabilities, $31,925; assets, $1,907.
James E. Jr. and Brenda L. Criss, 17597 state Route 14, North Benton; he: machinist, Crane Deming Pump Co.; she: cashier, McDonalds-Cicchini Ent. Inc.; liabilities, $147,155; assets, $95,000.
Karen M. Searle, 7125 Locust, Apt. 4, Youngstown; state tested nurses aide, Beeghly Oakes; liabilities, $83,477; assets, $41,424.
Jaqueline D. Woods, 1840 Market St., No. 611, Youngstown; disabled; liabilities, $28,587; assets, $2,050.
Monique M. Phifer, 912 Pearson Circle, Unit 2, Youngstown; case worker, Mahoning County Children's Services; liabilities, $117,507; assets, $52,845.
Rodney E. and Terri E. Mock, 447 Peters Drive, Campbell; he: bricklayer, Kriedler Construction; liabilities, $989,119; assets, $83,430.
Karen Tate, 195 Hilton Ave., Youngstown; Shepherd of The Valley; liabilities, $34,573; assets, $500.
Judy A. O'Malley, 125 Coitsville Road, Campbell; none; liabilities, $92,985; assets, $7,250.
Timothy W. and Janet L. Martin, 165 Wesley, Youngstown, he: environmental services, Sts. Elizabeth Health Center/Assumption NH; liabilities, $110,324; assets, $69,045.
Shannan M. Haluska, aka Shannan M. Hoffman, 212 S. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, legal assistant; liabilities, $104,966; assets, $27,725.
David D. and Joyce A. Court, aka Joyce Boulton-Heidreth-Spack, 11719 W. Middletown Road, Salem, he: welder, Dearing Compressor and Pump; she: waitress, Salem Hill Golf and Country Club; liabilities, $92,325; assets, $68,120.
Christopher Brady, 933 Winona Drive, Youngstown, forklift operator, Kaufmanns; liabilities, $25,816; assets, $1,600.
Ronald H. Grate Jr. 9733 Woodworth Road, Apt. B, North Lima, truck driver, LAS Co. Inc.; liabilities, $56,534; assets, $1,770.
David J. Cousart, 622 Filmore St., Apt. 145-C, Orange Park, Fla., and Robinette Cousart, 558 Sunshine Ave., Youngstown, he: none; she: none; liabilities, $89,353; assets, $4,700.
Carolyn J. Nicholson, 568 W. Evergreen, Youngstown, clerk, Sally's Beauty Supply; liabilities, $30,724; assets, $165.
Perticia Ann Bradley, aka Perticia Ann Robinson, 1016 Berkley Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $38,908; assets, $2,350.
Gordon P. Hamilton, 3791 Huntmere, Austintown, Doran Investments; liabilities, $5,019; assets, $2,300.
Patty A. Klamer, 17 Millet Ave., Youngstown, resident attendant, Omni-West Assisted Living; liabilities, $11,137; assets, $4,205.
Frederick D. Latessa, 1665 Chattanooga Ave., Poland, telemarketer, MCI; liabilities, $34,150; assets, $5,993.
Rebecca L. Chance, aka Rebecca L. VanDyke and Philip J. Chance, Youngstown, he: police officer, St. Elizabeth Health Center; she: homemaker; liabilities, $18,818; assets, $1,000.
Richard D. and Mildred S. Stiles, aka Sue Stiles, 6270 Fairview Road, Austintown, he: laborer, Dunnaway Inc.; she: kitchen worker, Youngstown City Schools; liabilities, $97,760; assets, $73,225.
James R. Sr. and Denise Shaulis, 144 Hollywood Ave., Youngstown, he: final assembly, Modern Builders Supply Inc.; she: none; liabilities, $89,679; assets, $75,222.
Anessia S. Williams, aka Anessia S. Hunter, 150 E. Lucius, Youngstown, student, Youngstown State University; liabilities, $58,780; assets, $559.
Floyd R. and Catherine B. Vaughn, 15243 Stoltz, Diamond, he: maintenance, Burger King; she: none; liabilities, $222,337; assets, $176,960.
Donald A. McLendon, 661 Rhoda Ave., Youngstown, housekeeping, Forum; liabilities, $9,351; assets, $2,050.
Phyllis P. Jackson, 3053 Hadley Ave., Apt. 6, Youngstown, office manager, Phyllis P. Jackson; liabilities, $37,443; assets, $916.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Doreen K. Benning, 9084 Duck Creek Road, Salem; chiropractic associate, Dr. Caradine; liabilities, $84,567; assets $77,400.

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