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Just when you thought Starbucks couldn't possibly come up with anything new (how many ways are there to blend coffee and milk?), they've done it again. But this time, there's a major ingredient missing -- the coffee. Yup, Cr & egrave;me Frappuccino, the newest concoction from the coffee chain, is totally java-free.
The company bills its new, pure white blended beverage as "fashion-forward," a perfect match for all those crisp, white clothes you'll wear between now and Labor Day. We're less into that and more interested in how they taste. And we're guessing that with vanilla and coconut as flavor choices, they're going to taste pretty darn good. Cr & egrave;me Frappuccino hit Starbucks shops the first week in July and costs the same as regular frozen coffee treats. So put on your favorite white T-shirt and slurp away.
Get juiced
Aren't drugstores fabulous? Where else can you walk out with a bag of jelly beans, your favorite fashion mag and some dental floss, all for less than 10 bucks? It's genius, really. And because we adore drugstore shopping, we're always on the lookout for brand-spanking-new products on the shelves.
The latest thing we love is Totally Juicy, a line of skin-care products infused with fruit acids, vitamins and amazing fragrances. (Really, it's kind of like smearing a smoothie all over your face, but less sticky.) You'll really dig TJ's face and body products, including Raspberry Pore Cleanser, Grapefruit Peel-Off Masque and Pineapple Creamy Cleanser. And wait until you try Hot Apple Sugar Scrub, which actually heats up as you rub it on your skin (admittedly, a strange sensation at first). And did we mention it smells like a green apple Jolly Rancher? Look for Totally Juicy products for about 5 bucks apiece at stores like CVS, Wal-Mart or Target. Or check out to see where else they're available.
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