A good summer doesn't require excess alcohol

A good summer doesn't require excess alcohol
Now that summer is here, the Mahoning/Trumbull chapter of MADD would like to remind everyone how easy it is to have a safe, enjoyable season. Cookouts, picnics, barbecues and parties can and should be fun, memorable times to share with family and friends. If alcohol is served, please follow a few simple guidelines. Never make alcohol available to anyone under 21. Anyone serving alcohol to a minor can be civilly and criminally charged if the minor is subsequently involved in a crash, a fight or other criminal act.
Monitor any adult guests who are drinking, especially anyone who is driving. Do what you can to keep someone who has been drinking too much from getting behind the wheel.
MADD would also like to remind everyone that the laws are getting tougher for DUI offenders. First time DUI offenders are often referred by courts to attend our Victim Awareness Program. This program, which incorporates a domestic violence deterrence element, was co-developed by MADD and Judge Loren Popio and is the first of its kind in the country to link driving and domestic abuse.
Law enforcement, victim advocates, and survivors come together to educate and shock defendants into realizing the devastating effects of their crimes. DUI offenders also face court costs, fines, attorney fees, jail time and loss of their driver's license. Is any of this really worth the risk of driving home drunk?
The members of MADD are not prohibitionists. We are not against drinking for anyone who is 21 and older. We simply ask that if you plan on attending an event where you know you are going to be drinking, please make sure a sober driver will be bringing you home. Have a safe, enjoyable summer.
X The writer is president MADD Mahoning/Trumbull.
Blind justice unknown in the Mahoning Valley
Justice has 20/20 vision here in the Mahoning Valley.
The phrase "justice is blind" does not apply to the criminal justice system here in crime-ridden Mahoning Valley, where the mob and its dark long tentacles are far-reaching even in our local courtrooms, as having been evident by the long list of indictments against some of our local lawyers and judges. The case of Robert Lisotto proves my point.
Judge Lisotto faces no criminal charges for accepting football game tickets from a lawyer who had cases pending in his court. Anybody should be able to see where this would be inappropriate and unethical, since store managers who are employed by Wal-Mart are not allowed to accept tickets, gifts or anything of value from its vendors.
We should clearly see where this is a violation of ethics. My question then is who got to Dennis Barr? Why did he all of a sudden become blind to these facts, close the case and refuse to see any reason to proceed any further?
Talk about putting an end to corruption in the Valley. This writer doesn't see it. .
Williams greatness went beyond baseball career
A tribute to Ted Williams, one of baseball's greatest. His greatest feat was not batting over 400 in a season.
It was having the courage to serve five of his best playing years in the armed services of his country.
Playing baseball was part hard work and part natural gift.
Serving in the service of his country was a choice of high moral character.
Weirton, W.Va.