July 8, 1975: A special grand jury in Mercer County recommends that five Pennsylvania Department of

July 8, 1975: A special grand jury in Mercer County recommends that five Pennsylvania Department of Transportation personnel be indicted on charges of extortion, and bribery.
A fire in the tire and foam storage building at the General Motors Corp.'s van plant at Lordstown idles about 1,250 workers on the van assembly line.
Former Gov. Ronald Reagan of California says he plans to battle President Ford for the 1976 Republican Party presidential nomination.
July 8, 1960: Members of Youngstown Local 118 of the Utility Workers Union at the Ohio Edison Co. vote to leave the national union and function independently.
The John F. Casey Co. of Pittsburgh, contractor for the first section of the Market St.-Mahoning Ave. Expressway, will begin work within the next six weeks.
Youngstown Fire Fighters Association Local 12 votes to oppose a compulsory retirement age that city council has ordered for police and firemen.
July 8, 1950: President Truman names Gen. Douglas MacArthur commanding general of the United Nations forces in Korea.
An "over-the-Erie" parking structure big enough to hold 2,250 cars is entirely practical and could pay for itself, a Baltimore engineering firm reports.
Msgr. Elias Risha, archbishop of Boalbeck, Lebanon, visits St. Maron Church. He visited Bishop James A. McFadden, who is in St. Elizabeth Hospital recuperating from surgery.
July 8, 1925: Mrs. Theodore Britton, 813 N. Main St., Niles miraculously escapes death when an electric light wire outside her home breaks, striking her on the shoulder and wrapping around her. She suffered a shoulder burn; her one-year-old child she was carrying escaped injury.
Louise Fordyce of Youngstown sets a new course record for women at the Dayton Country Club, carding a 78, six under women's par for the course.
Jack Young, janitor at Youngstown police headquarters, says he was robbed of $150 after he put the money on a table to enter a crap game at a S. Watt St. athletic club.
July 9, 1975: David Tobin receives his juris doctorate from Ohio Northern Law School and will join the family law firm in East Liverpool that was founded in 1932 by his father., the late Judge Louis Tobin.
Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp. pays a $502 fine to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division for killing nearly 3,800 fish when an effluent containing cyanide was allowed to enter Saw Mill Creek.
Members of the striking carpenters in the tri-county area accept a 65-cent-an-hour pay raise package. The new three- year pact contains a no-strike clause.
July 9, 1960: A 16-year-old Lake Milton youth, driving on a junior probationary license, strikes and kills two school teachers as the sisters were preparing to board a bus near North Jackson. Dead are Miss Helen Duer, 68, a teacher at Niles McKinley High, and Miss Margaret Duer, 65, a science teacher at Princeton Junior High.
Otto Standke, the self-styled bird man who claimed to rid seven downtown Youngstown buildings of starlings a years ago, won't be getting paid. The birds are back.
Sixty-four high school foreign exchange students from 21 countries stop off to see Youngstown's steel mills as part of a three-week bus tour of the northeastern United States. They attend a picnic in Liberty.
July 9, 1950: Youngstown Police Chief Edward Allen tells Sen. Estes Kefauver that a highly placed Washington politician with White House connections is blocking federal prosecution of a & quot;Purple Gang & quot; racketeer who is trying to establish himself in Youngstown.
If war would come, Youngstown would have about 1,500 men in National Guard and military reserve units ready, but the city would be caught with its dukes down in civil defense facilities.
John Thomas Scopes, who was a 24-year-old biology teacher in Tennessee in 1925 when he was tried for breaking a state law against teaching evolution. Twenty-five years later, he lives in Louisiana, where he works as a geologist for a gas company.
July 9, 1925: Louise Fordyce of Youngstown, who has held the state women's golf championship for four years, has an off-day on the Dayton Country Club course and is eliminated by Mrs. George Hedges of Columbus.
William Jennings Bryan, who is prosecuting the case against John T. Scopes, the Tennessee teacher who taught evolutionary theory in his classroom, suggests that a constitutional amendment will be sought to bar evolution from the schools.
The Southampton, N.Y., Bathing Beach Association issues an order that women wearing jersey bathing suits or suits without stockings must wear capes to and from the beach between the hours of 11 a.m. and p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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