POLICE CALLS Boardman, Poland

Summary of police activity:
June 24
Theft by deception: Police arrested a 45-year-old man on charges of theft by deception, misuse of a credit card and receiving stolen property.
Assault: A woman in the 100 block of Mathews Road reported a female suspect assaulted her on her front porch.
Theft: A man reported the mailbox was missing from his residence in the 7300 block of Tippecanoe Road.
Breaking and entering/theft: Various clothing items, cologne and $25 were taken from a vehicle in the 7400 block of West Boulevard. Also, someone broke into a car and stole 12 compact discs and a CD player after damaging the vehicle's dashboard and driver's-side door window.
Criminal damaging: Two downspouts were torn from their mountings at Affordable Dentures, 1060 Tiffany Blvd.
Theft by deception: A man in the 4300 block of Lake Park Road reported he paid about $100 for various medical services that were not provided.
Bogus checks: A woman reportedly wrote two checks at Sun Heaven tanning salon, 9721 Market St., drawn on a closed account.
Theft by deception: A man in the 900 block of Indianola Road reported paying a man $2,000 for a construction job that was never finished.
Theft: An AM/FM compact disc player and 50 CDs were removed from a car in the 30 block of Southwoods Drive.
Theft: Police arrested a 40-year-old Youngstown woman after she stole $80 worth of women's clothing from J.C. Penney in the Southern Park Mall.
Warrant: Police arrested a 25-year-old woman on charges of probation violation, obstructing official business and several traffic violations.
Criminal damaging: A woman reported her daughter was the victim of a road rage incident in which her car's rear bumper was damaged.
June 25
Theft: A woman reported several sections of fencing were removed from her property in the 8500 block of Indian Creek Drive.
Criminal damaging: A car had damage to its paint in the 400 block of Brookfield Avenue.
Criminal damaging: Someone damaged nylon netting installed along a carport in the 6000 block of Applecrest Court.
Theft: A cellular phone was taken from a car in the 7200 block of Westview Avenue.
Theft: A woman reported her purse was stolen at Mr. Anthony's banquet center, 7440 South Ave.
Theft: A purse, a wallet, a silver ring and $60 in currency were stolen from a car in the 30 block of Midwood Circle.
Theft: A woman reported a credit card was stolen from her purse in the 8000 block of South Avenue.
Theft: A woman reported her purse was stolen from an office in the Southern Park Mall.
Drug abuse: Police arrested two Evansville, Ind., men in their early 30s on charges of possession of drug instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Criminal damaging: A car's driver's-side window was smashed in the 7100 block of Sheldon Avenue.
Drugs: Police arrested a 21-year-old Canfield man after pulling over his vehicle at Glenwood Avenue and Carter Circle and finding a marijuana pipe in the car.
Criminal damaging: A car window was broken in the 4000 block of Glenwood Avenue.
Theft: A woman reported a man and woman removed various pieces of porch furniture from her residence in the 4500 block of Rush Boulevard.
June 26
Warrant: Police arrested a 34-year-old Mineral Ridge man on a charge of receiving stolen property.
Auto theft: The owner of a 1998 Chevy Cavalier reported the vehicle missing after she loaned it to a man who failed to return it.
Criminal damaging: A security door was damaged at the Hitchcock Apartment Association, 7410 West Blvd.
Auto theft: A 1990 Olds Delta was stolen from a parking lot at Home Depot, 7001 Southern Blvd.
Criminal damaging: A car's headlight was broken while it was parked at Kmart, 1209 Boardman-Poland Road.
Attempted auto theft: A woman reported someone tried to steal her 1990 Cadillac from the Southern Park Mall parking lot.
Domestic violence: Police arrested a 21-year-old Youngstown woman on charges of domestic violence and felonious assault after she cut a man with a box-cutter knife.
Bogus checks: A 25-year-old woman reportedly passed three bad checks at First Place Bank, 724 Boardman-Poland Road.
Bogus check: A man rented a jackhammer from T.R. Rentals, 4627 Market St., using a check drawn on a closed account.
Theft: A 17-year-old female took $60 worth of women's clothing from J.C. Penney.
Recovered vehicle: Police discovered a truck to be stolen after stopping its driver for a traffic violation on Leighton Avenue.
Theft: A woman reported a 12-year-old boy took her grandson's bicycle in the 20 block of Jeanette Drive.
Theft: A Cleveland Indians jacket and about $5 in cash were stolen from a vehicle at Giant Eagle, 1201 Doral Drive.
Criminal damaging: Someone cut the top of a convertible, causing about $2,000 in damage, in the 500 block of Boardman-Poland Road.
Theft: A lawn tractor, two weed trimmers, two lawnmowers and two gasoline containers were removed from a tool shed at Mahoning County Adult Services Corp., 825 Bev Road.
Theft: Fifteen compact discs, an owner's manual and a pair of sunglasses were stolen from a car at Famous Hair, 397 Boardman-Poland Road.
Criminal damaging: Someone damaged a glove compartment box and cut a driver's-side plastic window in a car parked at Applebee's restaurant, 6691 South Ave.
June 27
Warrants: Police arrested a 47-year-old Boardman man on two charges of receiving stolen property.
Theft: A woman reported her purse was missing from the Southern Park Mall food court.
Vandalism: A woman reported someone drove a vehicle through her lawn in the 500 block of Afton Avenue.
Criminal damaging: Passenger-door window molding was removed from a car in the Giant Eagle parking lot, 476 Boardman-Canfield Road.
Theft: A Pacific Palisades, Calif., man reported someone stole about $140 from his wallet while he stayed at the Residence Inn, 7396 Tiffany Blvd.
Theft: Police arrested an 18-year-old Campbell man on theft and criminal damaging charges.
June 28
Warrants: Police arrested a 31-year-old Niles man on several charges of theft and passing bad checks.
Assault: A 16-year-old boy was arrested on an assault charge.
Theft: A man reportedly purchased a $137 flower arrangement at Deramo Florist, 6201 South Ave., with a stolen credit card.
Theft: A man used a stolen credit card to buy a package of cigars, a pack of cigarettes and gasoline at a Speedway gas station, 649 E. Midlothian Blvd.
Warrants: Police arrested a 37-year-old Austintown man on charges of theft and passing bad checks.
Theft: A compact-disc player and an undetermined number of CDs were stolen from a car in the 800 block of Edenridge Drive.
Theft: Two female juveniles stole a tank top and another piece of clothing from Gabriel Bros., 850 Boardman-Poland Road.
Shoplifting: Eight videotapes were taken from Kmart.
Theft: A man took four cartons of cigarettes from Smoker Friendly, 4605 Market St.
Identity theft: A woman in the 6600 block of Mill Creek Boulevard reported a man used her identity to fraudulently secure various goods and services.
Theft: Two radar detectors, 12 compact discs, a flip-phone and a cellular phone power cord were stolen from a vehicle in the 10 block of Midwood Circle.
Theft: An 18-year-old man rented a $500 tuxedo, a shirt, a vest and a pair of shoes from Rondinelli Tuxedo Co., 845 Boardman-Poland Road, and didn't return them.
Theft: A man reported his wallet missing at an Acura dealership, 883 Boardman-Canfield Road.
Bogus check: A suspect reportedly passed a bad check to purchase $146.51 worth of merchandise at Cigarette World, 110 Boardman-Poland Road.
Criminal damaging: A residence in the 5000 block of Simon Road had about $500 worth of damage to its vinyl siding.
June 29
Criminal damaging: A woman reported a 26-year-old man damaged a sliding glass door at her residence in the 80 block of Southshore.
Theft: A woman reported someone stole a wallet from her purse while she shopped at Wal-Mart, 1300 Doral Drive.
Theft: A $10,000 stock certificate, a checkbook and a cellular phone were taken from a car parked at PetsMart, 1101 Doral Drive.
Theft: A Lexington, Ky., woman staying at the Residence Inn reported someone stole a suit.
June 30
Warrant: Police arrested a 31-year-old Boardman man on a charge of passing bad checks.
Auto theft: A woman reported she loaned her 1987 BMW to a friend who failed to return the car.
Theft: A Martha Stewart grill was taken from the deck of a residence in the 4400 block of South Avenue.
Criminal damaging: A garage door, a section of downspouting and a window were damaged at a residence in the 5000 block of Tam-o-Shanter Drive.
Assault: A man reported a man assaulted him in a possible road rage incident on U.S. Route 224.
Theft: A woman reported a female stole her purse at a car wash in the 5300 block of South Avenue.
Theft: A compact-disc player, 10 CDs and a wallet were removed from a vehicle parked at the Southern Park Mall.
Assault: A man reported being assaulted in the driveway of his residence in the 10 block of Homestead Drive.
Theft: A boy left the Eat 'n' Park restaurant, 8051 Market St., without paying a $25.37 check.
Domestic violence: Police arrested a 37-year-old Cortland man after he reportedly threatened his wife with a knife in the 7000 block of West Boulevard.
Criminal damaging: A car had several scratches on its trunk in the 7400 block of Sierra Madre Trail.
Breaking and entering: Someone forcibly entered a shed at the Bev Road Workshop, 825 Bev Road.
Theft: A cellular phone, a credit card and about $3 to $4 in change were taken from a truck in the 1800 block of Leland Avenue.
June 21
Theft: Police arrested a 20-year-old man for taking a pack of cigarettes from McQuaid's gas station, 23 S. Main St.
June 24
Criminal damaging/theft: Someone stole several metal poles and damaged a sign at Poland Baptist Church, 79 Hill Drive.

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