Divorces granted
Betty Coil vs. Richard Coil.
Dissolutions granted
Sara Spears and Samuel Spears.
Sheila Rostad and Mark Rostad.
New complaints
Witmer's Feed and Grain vs. Cochranton Cooperative Assoc., money.
Anthony Boso vs. General Motors Corp., money.
Ginger Mrofchak vs. Village Plaza Sparkle, personal injury.
Victor Seeley vs. Theresa Tolson, legal malpractice.
Janet Gamble vs. Deborah Patterson, personal injury.
Travelers Indemnity vs. Padurean Refrigeration, money.
Docket entries
Isabelle Madsen vs. Lakewood Chemical and Supply, judgment for plaintiff.
Real estate transfers
James Gouldsberry to Karen Keir, Hanover Twp., $76,000.
Elba Coulter to Russell Williams, Hanover Twp., $53,000.
Jay Linhart to Joseph Firmstone, UnityTwp., $200,000.
Joyce Korloch to Lisa Fulton, East Palestine, $85,000.
Brian Dwyer to Scott Huff, Perry Twp., $87,000.
K & amp; J Homes to John Stroup, Perry Twp., $120,000.
Susan Koontz to June Roberts, Wellsville, $45,500.
Ann Schmid to Robert Beeson, Salem, $82,500.
Latessa Construction to David Palen, Salem, $153,670.
Allen Vignon to Gina Kuzma, Fairfield Twp., $202,000.
Gurlene Ketchum to Jeffery Owens, Salem Twp., $90,000.
Titan Construction to Dominick Wycoff, Columbiana, $121,337.
First National Bank to Court Partners, East Liverpool, $10,000.
Nina France to James Starkey, East Liverpool, $59,900.
Reedith Wyant to Thomas Elkins, East Liverpool, $50,000.
John Dray to Mary Caruso, East Liverpool, $36,000.
Kenneth Ferguson to Nicolus Arnold, East Liverpool, $34,000.
Tri-State Holdings to David Kyle, East Liverpool, $60,000.
James Criss to Theodore Mileski, Middleton Twp., $219,000.
Mollie Billiter to Kinda Billiter, Knox Twp., $28,000.
Clifford Lyon to Donald Sines, Madison Twp., $135,000.
Richard Hill to Florence Johnson, Leetonia, $81,250.
Robert Allison to Larry Sanor, Butler Twp., $75,000.
Charles Jones to Patrick Mango, Salem, $16,000.
Eric Jones to James Close, Hanover Twp., $3,000.
John Smith to Terry Fink, Lisbon, $63,900.
Clara Barnett to Joseph Rawson, Wellsville, $22,000.
Ken Johnson to Daniel Springer, Liverpool Twp., $63,000.
Joan Shoop to Charles Holton, Salem, $111,000.
Gerald Skiba to Alex Fekete, Salem, $106,000.
John Mick to Wayne Andrews, Madison Twp., $74,000.
Beneficial Mortgage to Laurie Palmer, East Liverpool, $46,000.
Ann Burgess to Paul Ramage, East Palestine, $65,000.

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