MiniPage Teacher's Guide

MiniPage Teacher's Guide
MiniPage activities meet many state and national educational standards. This week's standards: Students understand the characteristics and life cycles of organisms (Science: Life Science). Students understand the interactions of animals and their environments (Science: Life Science). Activities:
1. Make your own butterfly with a coffee filter and a pipe cleaner. Flatten a coffee filter. Color it with magic markers. Spray the coffee filter with water so that the colors run together. After it dries, gather the center together and wrap the pipe cleaner around it. Make antennae with the ends.
2. Write a song about a butterfly that tells about the various stages in its life.
3. Butterflies go through four stages. In what stage does the insect build a shell around itself? In what stage is the insect attached to the underside of a leaf? In what stage does the insect shed its skin? In what stage do the insect's wings dry and harden?
4. Use the newspaper to find photos or words that identify plants in your area that you could use to create a butterfly garden. Classify the plants into herbs, flowering plants and trees. Explain how the butterfly uses each kind of plant -- which plants are good for the eggs, the caterpillars and the adult butterflies?
5. Use reference books and the Internet to learn more about butterflies. Use these questions to guide your research: What types of butterflies are found in the part of the country where you live? Where do butterflies go at night? What are the differences between butterflies and moths? What other insects undergo a metamorphosis in their life cycle?

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