Emergency crews deserve gratitude for assistance

Emergency crews deserve gratitude for assistance
My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the members of the Boardman Police Department, the Boardman Fire Department, and the fine EMTs of the Rural Metro Ambulance Service.
On Father's Day, as I do every Sunday morning, I drove to my wife's mother's house to take her to church. She is an elderly widow who prefers to live alone. When I arrived, I found her Sunday Vindicator outside (not a good sign that comes in first thing) and her doors and storm doors (which lock only from inside) solidly locked. After a minute or two of loud knocking, ringing the doorbell and banging on her windows without response, I called her from my cell phone. No response. I then dialed 911 and within a very few minutes the Boardman police, the Boardman fire and emergency crew and the Rural Metro Ambulance were in her driveway. After they forced the storm door open, I was able to use my key.
They found mother upstairs. She had fallen and broken her hip, and the pain was so severe she was unable to crawl to the telephone. Rural Metro transported her to Beeghly Emergency Center in Board man, and later to St. Elizabeth Hospital
Unless you have a life-threatening emergency yourself, you can never imagine the worth and the value of these angels of mercy. No police or fire levy should ever be defeated by the voters in any community. One experience like this, and you will vote "yes" for the rest of your life.
What is really feared by those who oppose pledge?
When some of the filthiest words used in some songs, movies, T.V. and reading material are ruled to be constitutional, I find it unbelievable that a beautiful word such as God would cause such concern as to be ruled unconstitutional.
Anyone who was raised with the belief that God created the world as well as all living beings can only wonder and question the purpose and beliefs of those in power to reach this appalling decision.
I have always believed in the love, wisdom and higher power of one mightier than any human being, and my Pledge of Allegiance will always include God.
Those who express such concern for the word God make me wonder what it is they really fear.
Instead of creating controversy, those in power seeking changes should give more thought to who created the ground they stand on, the air they breathe, the mountains, forest, sunset, rain, sun, etc. and all the wondrous things we humans take for granted.
What should be remembered and never forgotten by all human beings is "Without truth we deny knowing ourselves or others. Without hope we close the door on all of our tomorrows living with our yesterdays. And without God's love, wisdom, and power to light our way, we stumble blindly in the darkness of our own making."
Our Pledge of Allegiance is not broken, and it sure does not need fixing.
To me, the words of the Pledge of Allegiance send a beautiful message, and its messenger is God.