First prayer from schools, now God from Pledge

First prayer from schools, now God from Pledge
Wake up people. Again the minority is dictating the way we live our lives. The evil and godless are slowly chipping away at the foundation of our liberties. It wasn't enough to take prayer and the commandments out of our schools (see where that led -- no discipline or guidelines for the young). Now, they are taking God out of our pledge.
These same evil and godless people don't hesitate to call on His precious name to castigate their fellow man with obscene language. Let a god-fearing person speak His name in reverence and then it becomes unconstitutional. If that be the case then all swearing must be given the same regard and obliterated from free speech.
Look around, folks, and see how these free thinkers have taken over this land. Our movies, TV shows, Broadway plays and music have been degraded to the point that it's hard to find wholesome entertainment. Big businesses doesn't hesitate to fleece the public, go bankrupt keeping huge profits for themselves, letting the working public flounder and wonder whence their next pay check is coming.
Murder and robbery are rampant. Who gave these depraved ones the right to just take from those who have worked hard and earned their way to better things? Everyone has the same opportunities to work and get for themselves. It just takes discipline and courage.
In this great and bountiful land, I can not believe that the god-fearing are going to sit back while yet another inroad of evil takes place. Speak up, speak out against this corrosion of our rights.
Red, white and blue can mean a safer July 4th
Americans, no doubt, will cherish our July 4th holiday even more this year.
"Designate a Driver. It's About Safety!" is a message to remind Ohio motorists to plan ahead before the July 4th celebration begins.
The public awareness campaign will air on radio stations throughout Ohio starting Wednesday, July 3. Funded jointly by Ohioans for Responsible Drinking and the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the program includes free travel mugs to be handed out by Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers and radio stations. Designated drivers can get a free "fill up" at participating BP locations with the special mugs.
This program is a great example of public agencies and private organizations working together for life-saving results. While we always see big headlines on driving tragedies, we do not know how many lives are saved each year by the universal system of the Designated Driver.
As a local distributor of alcohol beverages, my company is proud to be part of Ohioans for Responsible Drinking, a not-for-profit organization of beer and wine wholesalers.
The July 4th red, white and blue travel mugs signify safe, responsible driving. If you see someone with one, thank that person for helping make our roads safe.
U.S. has done enough
I am writing in response to a recent letter about making Israel a commonwealth of the United States as Puerto Rico is.
Puerto Rico is our neighbor, not thousands of miles away. I am one American who doesn't want to be dragged into any more confrontation than we already have been in the Middle East. We already give $4 billion a year in aid that is too much.
Israel has too much influence in the United States. We will not fight its war.