Pledge of Allegiance takes name of God's in vain

Pledge of Allegiance takes name of God's in vain
Many times during the last two years I have heard comments or insights that I have vehemently disagreed with, have been unsettled by the lack of respect shown guests on some of the news shows and literally disgusted by the lack of neutrality in the presentation of both sides of a story. Recently on news channels and talk shows and in magazines and newspapers, ignorance and disrespect were taken to their pinnacle when the man who sued against the words & quot;under God & quot; in the Pledge was interviewed or quoted.
What was reported was a variation of this story that denied the American public a true understanding of why the court ruled the way it did,as well as what Dr. Newdow intended when going ahead with this lawsuit. In reporting his story, quotes of his were taken out of context and interviews with Dr. Newdow about his lawsuit were more like witch hunts.
Such a biased media denied the public the full knowledge of how the impact of this court ruling, be it upheld, would be applied to upholding, if not regaining, the constitutional rights of the minority,as well as containing the extreme zeal of the majority in oppressing the existence of differing beliefs,opinions and lifestyles.
Dr. Newdow's lawsuit was not to prevent or deny the public the right to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It was to deny the government the right to dictate, impose or mandate a belief upon the American public that was of religious context.
It was ruled unconstitutional because the words & quot;under God. & quot; If they were taken out, there would be nothing unconstitutional about the Pledge.
With the words, people do not have the right to believe religiously or spiritually the way they see fit. It also, if one wants to get technical, is hypocritical for the God-fearing to say how their & quot;rights & quot; are being infringed upon when these same people say these words have become meaningless in any religious context, in regards to the Pledge, because they are automatically said without any spiritual foresight.
That might be the very reason why the original text of the Pledge, written by a Baptist minister, was devoid of the words & quot;under God & quot; because it would be breaking one of the Ten Commandments, the one that states & quot;thou shall not take the Lord thy God's name in vain. & quot; Now, instead of being patriotic, the government is creating a nation of sinners.
Leaves you something to think about, no?
Years for many senior citizens aren't golden
As I stood in line for my extra three-cent stamps, I noticed a lot of elderly people waiting patiently in line. I thought, my goodness, now it is the mail increase. The elderly will not write as much to the children and the grandchildren.
Then during this winter, the elderly may freeze because of the increase in the gas for our homes.
When it comes to food, the elderly must make a decision to either eat or buy their medication, but not both. For the elderly on fixed incomes it looks very bleak. Where are those golden years?
I am afraid they should be called the rusting years.
Thanks for a glorious 3rd
It is fitting and proper to thank Boardman Township for two wonderful eve nings of beautiful musical entertainment by U.S. Army Field Band and Soldier's Chorus on July 2nd and the spectacular fireworks display, and on July 3rd the W.D. Packard Concert Band playing patriotic favorites. The township certainly made many thousands happy and grateful for living in a caring community that takes pride in pleasing its people with such wonderful entertainment.
I am proud and happy to be a Boardman resident. Thank you.