Marriage licenses
William M. Nicks, 47, of 6717 Burbage Lake Circle, Suffolk, Va., and Shelley M. Curtis, 43, of 1202 Corkwood Circle, Chesapeake, Va.
Carl W. Robinson, 44, of 165 Ned Brown Road, Amherst, Va., and Sharon R. Hill-Staples, 41, of 2915 Thistledown Court, Decatur, Ga.
Lincoln N. Williams, 37, of 6515 Washington Street, Hubbard, and Faun E. Lenon, 39, of 72 Wilmette Lane, Youngstown.
Jerome J. McConnell, 27, of 6023 Applecrest Court, Youngstown, and Michelle L. Greenlee, 31, of same.
James H. Crawley III, 31, of 127 E. Ravenwood, Youngstown, and Latasha M. Mitchell, 24, of same.
Matthew J. Murphy, 25, of 245 Caroline Ave., Hubbard, and Shanna C. Glenellen, 24, of 166 Fairmeadow Drive, Austintown.
Jonathan E. Burkholder, 20, of One Cottage Road, Myerstown, Pa., and Marla R. Martin, 20, of 2825 W. Pine Lake Road, Columbiana.
Scott A. Lenhart, 23, of 103C Dumbarton Road, Baltimore, Md., and Tricia R. Walcott, 24, of same.
Nathan J. Gugliotti, 24, of 389 Creed Street, Struthers, and Heidi L. Crnarich, 23, of same.
Paul E. Iacobucci, 32, of 9784 Deltona Drive, New Middletown, and Rebecca A. Janosik, 30, of same.
Elmer Cruz Jr., 25, of 230D Kendis Circle, Youngstown, and Natosha M. Miles, 20, of same.
Stepan Juratovic, 33, of 24 Haubrick Drive, Coraopolis, Pa., and Lisa M. Bosnjak, 23, of 1311 Meadowood Circle, Poland.
David C. Peppel, 45, of 756 W. South Range Road, Salem, and Patricia E. Valentine, 46, of 6535 Metz Road, New Middletown.
Edward H. Wildes, 36, of 51 Hopewell, Struthers, and Sheryl A. Yurjevich, 31, of 108 Highland Ave., Struthers.
Domestic relations
Christine Curry vs. Paul B. Curry, divorce to both.
Amalia Kostantas vs. Jason D. Hall, divorce to plaintiff.
Teresa A. Franklin vs. John R. Franklin, divorce to both.
Katherina R. Turney vs. William L. Turney Jr., dissolution granted.
Charlene M. Durkin vs. Jerome B. Durkin, dissolution granted.
Kathy J. Schriner vs. Kenneth D. Schriner, divorce to plaintiff.
Ryan Davies vs. Tracy Davies, divorce to plaintiff.
Christine M. Grossen vs. William M. Grossen, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Christine M. White.
Michelle L. Burchett vs. Joe Palumbo Jr., dissolution granted.
Pamela S. Chise vs. Robert Chise Sr., divorce to both.
Denise A. Sinchak vs. Steven E. Sinchak, divorce to plaintiff.
Helga C. Bilicki vs. Robert J. Bilicki, divorce to both, wife restores to name of Helga C. Cook.
Pamela White vs. Curtis White, divorce to both.
Anthony Marchianda vs. Michele D. Marchianda, divorce to both.
Joan E. McRae vs. Joseph R. McRae, dismissed.
Margaret M. Necastro vs. Thomas G. Necastro, divorce to plaintiff.
Rachele L. Irizarry vs. Luis Irizarry, divorce to plaintiff.
William H. Abron III vs. Marilyn Thomason, divorce to plaintiff.
Cynthia D. Burns vs. Howard E. Burns, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Cynthia D. Johnson.
Michelle R. Stevens vs. Marc G. Stevens, dissolution granted.
Lori A. Jordon vs. Kenneth W. Jordon, divorce to both.
Tina M. Johnson vs. James N. Johnson, divorce to both.
Junior Ellswick vs. Jacqueline Ellswick, divorce to plaintiff.
Michele McVicker vs. Charles McVicker, divorce to both.
Verdie Nicholson vs. Carolyn J. Nicholson, divorce to plaintiff.
Laine M. Schreiner vs. Kimberly S. Shreiner, divorce to plaintiff.
George J. Simpson vs. Dolores J. Simpson, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Delores J. Ledsome.
Yolanda Rivera vs. Frederick Rivera, dissolution granted.
Don L. Hanni III vs. Roxanne M. Hanni, dismissed.
Lisa M. Hankinson vs. Todd R. Hankinson, divorce to both.
Brenda Richards vs. Stephan Richards, divorce to both.
Florencio Garcia vs. Carmen L. Garcia, divorce to both.
Mario Pitoscia III vs. Erin Pitoscia, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Erin R. Naman.
Gregory J. Clay vs. Susan M. Clay, divorce to plaintiff.
Jill M. Mettille vs. Eugene T. Mettille, dissolution granted.
Daniel T. Davanzo vs. Tiffany B. Davanzo, dissolution granted.
James Volenik vs. Linda Volenik, divorce to both, wife restores to name of Linda M. Terrago.
Barbara L. Wymer vs. John M. Wymer, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Barbara L. Westhead.
Sam Lamanna vs. Sandra W. Lamanna, dismissed.
Anthony G. Svatosky vs. Pamela A. Svatosky, dissolution granted.
Scott M. Wright vs. Michele L. Wright, dissolution granted.
Tracie L. Orosz vs. John C. Orosz, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Tracie L. McKelvey.
Lori L. Peterson vs. Richard L. Peterson, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Lori L. Beckett.
Adele M. Cubbison vs. Theodore R. Cubbison, divorce to both, wife restores to name of Adele M. Lipari.
James F. McCarthy vs. Rosemary McCarthy, divorce to both.
Barbara Kohut vs. John Kohut, dissolution granted.
Anthony J. Cervone Jr. vs. Marianne Tarr, dissolution granted.
Paul Caffey Jr. vs. Barbara J. Caffey, divorce to both.
Deborah L. Bundy vs. Samuel E. Bundy, divorce to both.
David A. Moretz vs. Debra R. Moretz, divorce to both, wife restores to name of Debra R. Deunger.
Nancy M. Manuel vs. James E. Manuel Jr., divorce to both, wife restores to name of Nancy M. Kohn.
Stacy R. Clevenger vs. Carolyn A. Clevenger, divorce to both.
Annette M. Kelly vs. Anthony Kelly, dissolution granted.
Betsy L. Miller vs. Charles A. Miller, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Betsy L. Ambrose.
Irene Malactaris vs. Perry Malactaris, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Irene S. Atsas.
Flo Etta Kidd vs. Darryl E. Kidd, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Flo Etta McDuffie.
Robert L. Thomas Jr. vs. Daisy M. Thomas, divorce to plaintiff.
Mary A. Delino vs. Patrick T. Delino, dissolution granted.
Mary H. Rohrabaugh vs. Roy E. Rohrabaugh, dissolution granted.
Robert M. Campy vs. Patricia A. Campy, divorce to both.
Jason Boyles vs. Denise Boyles, divorce to plaintiff.
Janice L. Wilson vs. Kevin A. Smith, divorce to plaintiff.
John R. Seeman vs. Mary P. Seeman, dissolution granted.
Barbara J. Sevi vs. Anthony U. Sevi, dismissed.
Karen L. Hover vs. Michael W. Hover, dissolution granted.
Dominic V. Mosconi vs. Sharon A. Mosconi, divorce to plaintiff.
Steven Robbins vs. Alaina Robbins, divorce to both.
Tara D. Long vs. Richard L. Long, divorce to plaintiff.
David Pavelko vs. Sharon A. Pavelko, divorce to plaintiff.
Randall S. Flaugher vs. E. Alberta Flaugher, dismissed.
Karla Vitez vs. Michael J. Vitez Jr., dissolution granted.
Sharlene E. Heubner vs. Douglas H. Heubner, divorce to both.
Eleanor E. Frost vs. Charles E. Frost, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Eleanor E. Harris.
Arno K. Hess vs. Evelyn I. Hess, dissolution granted.
James M. Dykes vs. Elizabeth A. Dykes, dissolution granted.
David D. Baroni vs. Lisa T. Murray Baroni, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Lisa T. Murray.
Shawn D. Kerr vs. Tabitha A. Kerr et al, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Tabitha A. Faunda.
Aleli A. Story vs. Kirk A. Story, dismissed.
Shani M. Murphy vs. William J. Murphy, divorce to both.
Stephanie K. Estrada vs. Timothy P. Estrada, dismissed.
Christine M. Killa vs. Daniel W. Killa, dismissed.
Stephanie L. Slosser vs. David A. Slosser, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Stephanie L. Fannon.
Joan K. Schneider vs. Dennis W. Schneider, dissolution granted.
Otto C. McCabe vs. Maureen A. McCabe, dissolution granted, wife restores to name of Maureen A. Johnson.
Brian S. Galbraith vs. Georgia R. Galbraith, dismissed.
Nechelle Whitmore vs. Otis Whitmore, dismissed.
Megan Cooke-Howe vs. Steward Murphy, divorce to plaintiff.

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