Judge Evans shows little regard for crime, victims

Judge Evans shows little regard for crime, victims
On June 20, 2002, I had my first experience with the legal system in Mahoning County. My husband and I each own a business. On June 2, 2001, we discovered that Terri McCambridge of New Springfield, who was a secretary for both companies, had been stealing money by first gaining our trust, writing checks to herself, forging signatures and altering the books to cover up the theft. We thought she was a trusted secretary, and on a personal level we were friends and socialized together.
Between the two companies, Terri McCambridge stole $487,000 over an eight-year period.
After her pleading guilty last month, sentencing was held on June 20, 2002, in front of Judge James C. Evans. The maximum sentence she could have received was 6 1/2 years in the penitentiary. Judge Evans sentenced her to 60 days in Mahoning County Jail, 60 days of electronic monitoring with work privileges and five years' probation stating that we hold some responsibility in not keeping closer eye on our books. I agree wholeheartedly with the judge. We should have been more diligent in watching the books but we trusted her completely. Does this change the fact that she committed this crime and she should have been punished appropriately?
I believed in our judicial system. Several months ago, Judge R. Scott Krichbaum sentenced a woman to six months in jail for stealing $46,000 from the company she worked for and said something to the effect that he could not allow her to steal that money and just walk away. Based on Judge Krichbaum's sentencing I had hope that we would see justice in our case as well.
I was thoroughly stunned with the sentencing Terri McCambridge received. It seems to me that there are many people who would see this case and say they would gladly go to county jail for 60 days for that amount of money as long as Judge Evans is the presiding judge and gives these ridiculously lenient sentences.
To everyone in Mahoning County who owns a business, I urge you to watch your employees carefully, this thing can happen to anyone. If you have the misfortune to have this happen to you, you may be one of the lucky ones to draw Judge Krichbaum and you will more than likely do fine. But remember, there is always a possibility you will draw Judge Evans and your end result will probably be the same as ours. We need judges in this Valley who will take a stand and punish criminals instead giving them a very tiny slap on the wrist and give the victim what feels like a sucker punch to the stomach.
New Springfield
U.S. reaping what liberal politicians have sown
Wednesday's decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco declaring the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional has the majority of citizens in this country shaking their heads. It just doesn't make sense. Hopefully when the November elections roll around the backlash by the voters in this country against the liberal politicians in our government will be overwhelming. This brings me to the main point of my letter: the race for the 17th Congressional District.
All you die-hard Democrats need to look at Ann Womer Benjamin. From the research I have done on her, I can say she is a superb legislator. There is no comparison between what she has accomplished in Columbus verses that of her major opponent. I only hope that Mr. de Souza and the rest of The Vindicator editorial staff continue to remind us how superior of a candidate she truly is.