Height: Around 4 feet for an adult.
Wingspan: Up to 7 feet.
Coloring: Body is grayish-blue. Head is white with a broad black stripe on each side.
Nesting: They establish an area called a rookery or heronry for nests, which are high in the tops of trees and are large, flat, and well-made of interwoven sticks. Lined with twigs and leaves. Between 3 and 7 eggs are laid, which incubate four weeks. The bids establish a pair bond and work together to build the nest, incubate and feed the yoiung.
Food: Primarily fish, but they are opportunistic and will eat human food scraps, nestlings, and have been known to eat small animals, such as mice, frogs, turtles and snakes.
Location: Breeds in North America, primarily in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Michigan and Illinois. They winter in Central America and South America.

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