Man faces assault and theft charges

CANFIELD -- A Youngstown man was arrested Wednesday evening after a fight with a Giant Eagle security officer.
The man, 43, of Nelson Avenue, was charged by police with theft and assault. The security officer told police he watched the man conceal two bottles of baby formula in his jacket at about 5:30 p.m. before walking toward the front door of the store on East Main Street.
The security officer said the man hit him in his chest with his forearm after he was stopped near the door. He then ran toward the doors. The officer said he chased the man, who eventually stopped and was handcuffed.
The suspect told police he was acting as a "lookout" for a friend, who was responsible for the theft.
A 38-year-old Nelson Avenue man matching the description of the friend was later found in a parked car in a nearby parking lot. Police said the man refused to show his hands or get out of his car until he was ordered to get out of the car at gunpoint.
The 38-year-old was charged with driving under suspension. He also was wanted by Youngstown police on unrelated warrants.

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