Disabled adults at mercy of inadequate system

Disabled adults at mercy of inadequate system
Any one of us on any given day can either become the parent of a disabled child or become disabled ourselves. Our lives change dramatically from that day on. The uphill climb for help can take you around the world, it can be demoralizing, exploitative, and life threatening. In about 1988 I developed a neurological disability.
Losing a job and a pension because of a disability and having every door slammed in one's face, insults and jokes along with the living with a disability was the hardest to live with. When I came back to Pennsylvania after years of living away, I thought things had changed but they hadn't. To my chagrin, I found my uphill climb began all over again. What I found were foundations, for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations operating group homes for the disabled. When I met the people living in these homes, it literally broke my heart. People born with disabilities have even less opportunities than I have now.
Adult with disabilities have very few opportunities. We are neither charities nor things to make a living from. Money designated is for us -- the disabled, not the able bodied. Education and training up until the age of 22 is provided, but thereafter the training is useless.
There are few sheltered workshops. Private businesses are being asked to employ us, but they are not educated in working with adults with disabilities. Why put us in danger again? In this region, there are no accredited classes or degrees offered for those working specifically with adults living with disabilities. Transportation is provided for children to their schools, but adults in group homecare are transported in caregivers' vehicles. This too is without safety training or proper instructions.
Our battle has just begun. We need to have the state and federal governments form an educated and reliable service for the disabled community. We do have the right to vote, and we are a block of voters. We are citizens of this country, pay taxes and we desire a quality of life.
New Kensington, Pa.
Those behind zoning have ulterior motives
In a free society, honest citizens must decide what is right for them. They must live with their decisions, good or bad.
Prozoners are trying to create panic and hysteria over a company's blasting rock. I'm sure the state of Ohio wouldn't allow anyone to blast on your doorstop. The company is liable for any damages actually caused by their actions. That's what courts take care of, not zoning.
I do believe that even with zoning the rock would be blasted as long as someone would make a profit. That's known as padding pockets.
Everything is blamed on the lack of zoning. The township had factories and jobs without zoning. Now we need zoning to get them back? Hogwash! Then the porn palaces that never existed in the township are suddenly rumored to occupy every corner. That rumor is intended to create hysterical hogwash. Under zoning you will need the Valley View Super-Max prison for the residents deemed immoral (zoning handbook pages 3-4). Who's authority will decide morality? The panic propaganda of a toxic waste landfill is more hogwash.
Zoning is the best con game perpetrated on citizens by a few socialist-minded zealots waiting to encroach on your private property and your economics and enthrall your private lives. It's the most organized robbery and theft of the century.
Can you envision thugs using your land for their purposes, deciding you're too stupid to know what you purchased the land for? You become the victim of their bloodsucking incompetence.
Brookfield residents need to investigate the economics behind zoning. Whose relatives will profit in construction? What other doors are open to empty your pockets? What other vicious vipers are coiled ready to strike?