CUTTING COSTS Recommendations

The state auditor's office made 40 recommendations to reduce costs and increase revenue. They include:
Increase property tax levy or equivalent in income tax. City's income tax rate is 2 percent.
Reduce court staffing.
Reduce the number of police cars by selling some of them.
Reduce police overtime.
Limit employee pay raises. Firefighters have already agreed to a wage freeze this year. Police and other unionized city employees have not.
Reduce overtime paid police for court appearances.
Reduce uniform allowances. Firefighters have agreed to freeze the allowance this year.
Eliminate education incentive and replace with tuition reimbursement.
Reduce personal and bereavement days and maximum vacation leave.
Co-payments by employees for medical/hospitalization coverage.
Reduce senior-citizen van service.
Reduce crossing-guard staff.
Reduce cellular phone usage.
Charge city of Hubbard a portion of municipal court operating costs.
Collect tipping fees from LAS Recycling Inc.
Source: Ohio State Auditor's Office

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