BOARDMAN SCHOOLS Detached rooms raise concerns

Surveyed parents list safety as the top concern about the portable classrooms.
BOARDMAN -- Overcrowding at Robinwood Lane Elementary School has caused school officials to bring in portable classrooms to have some classes. Parents are concerned, however, about the safety of the small children who must walk between the main building and the newly added classrooms.
The school houses pupils from kindergarten through fourth grade. There are one kindergarten class and three other classes in the detached classrooms.
The classes are in four separate buildings that closely resemble a mobile home. Each building is situated just outside the school, across a small parking lot and next to the school's play area.
Survey: In a recent survey conducted by the school's continuing improvement team, parents indicated that safety and security are the top issues that need to be addressed by Robinwood officials. The survey showed that the next area of concern is overcrowding.
Elizabeth Brooks, who has a child at the school, said she is concerned about having children walking between the two buildings to use the restroom or for other reasons. She said teachers do make an added effort to look out for the children, but kindergarten-age pupils are too young to walk alone.
Brooks said the school needs an addition to support the number of pupils, but added that until the board makes a move toward construction, parents want some measure of security for their children.
Under consideration: Principal Jane Howells said there are several things being considered to address the parents' concerns. She said parents should see results in the near future. "We are looking at adding a fence back there, and we are looking at adding onto the building," Howells said.
Superintendent Don Dailey said the board is in the middle of renovating all four of the school system's elementary buildings. He said Market Street and West Boulevard elementary schools already have received additions. Robinwood and Stadium Drive elementaries will be added to in the near future, he added.

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