CANFIELD Trustees warn against vandalism

The trustees' secretary will now be allowed to lock file cabinets before she leaves the township hall for the night.
CANFIELD -- Paul Moracco isn't amused by the vandalism and theft that has occurred in the township hall in recent weeks.
"It's really not a funny matter," said Moracco, a township trustee.
Trustees, meeting Monday, said that a person or group of people recently entered the township hall late at night and tampered with computers and files. Trustees did not discuss how many times the vandalism had occurred.
In addition, Clerk Carmen Heasley said that the minutes of recent trustees' meetings have been taken from the hall.
The discussion of the vandalism and theft was met with chuckles from at least two members of the audience. Moracco strongly chastised those who were laughing.
"I want to go one record and say that you're very rude and very ignorant to chuckle while we're doing our business," he said.
Took a vote: Trustees then voted to permit their secretary to lock township file cabinets at night.
Trustee Bill Reese said the vandalism and thefts have not been reported to police. When asked if the trustees knew who committed the vandalism, Reese said: "We have our suspicions." He declined to comment further.
Trustees said that the hall had not been broken into, and that they did not know how many township employees had keys to the building.
Township Zoning Inspector Dave Morrison said that on some days, he has arrived at the township hall in the morning to find that someone unplugged and moved his computer. He stressed that while the township has nothing to hide in its files, the township hall is "no place to play."
Heasley said that the trustees could be reprimanded if county officials conduct an audit of township files and discover that meeting minutes are missing.
The trustees also voted to accept bids for a project to install new storm sewers along Clearview Avenue and Alvacardo and McCarty drives. Gary Diorio, the Youngstown engineer working with the township on the project, said the sewer would help reduce flooding along Clearview Avenue.
The project could be completed by this fall, Diorio said.

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