Grade: Junior.
Positive influence: "I would have to say my dad and Coach Smith. My dad because he has always been there for me since I started playing football and any other sports, he tells me when I do something wrong and also when I do something right. Coach Smith I just met when I came as a freshman and also has always been there for me he is my eyes off the field he let's me know everything that I am seeing when I am running the ball. I love both of these people."
Memory from the season: "My best memory even though our season was cut short would have to be after all of the problems that had went on, the last game of the season, we came out flat but we picked it up in the second half after being down 14 points, and I came out and tried to fill my team with emotion and desire. That's what it is all about and even though we lost that game by two points we played with heart."
Future plans: "My plan for the future is I want to go to college and my choices are North Carolina and Ohio State for right now, but I am going to try and work hard now in the classroom and on the field to try and get my family to get them in a better living environment."
Martin Hutchinson
Newton Falls
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: "My brothers Joshua & amp; Andy. They always beat me up when I was young to toughen me up. They always have been there teaching little things and pushing me to do well."
Memory from the season: "The last game of the year I was so cool. I couldn't feel my body. I think Coach Bjelac felt bad because when I came on to the sideline, he gave me his coat to keep warm. Over all my senior year was a blast."
Future plans: "I am going to play football for YSU. I am going to major in geography. For my long term future goal is to become a pilot in the military."
Dustin Helle
Grade: Junior.
Positive influence: "My parents, coaches, and teammates were always there to make sure I was getting my job done and if I needed help I could turn to any of them. The whole team and everyone surrounding us this year made the season a great one to remember."
Memory from the season: "Either Adam Grdrich's tackle for loss on fourth down in overtime against Niles, or a 5-yard flair pass I caught against LaBrae that ended up being a 72-yard touchdown that broke the school's single season touchdown record."
Future plans: "Graduate high school, attend a four-year college and participate in a sport."
Jimmy Riley
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: "My father. He is always there to support me and has just been a big part of my life. He never tries to sugar coat things. He lets me know that if I had a good game that's fine, but if it is a bad one then he tells me that and what I need to do. The way I feel is that if he wasn't here and a big part of my life I wouldn't know what to do."
Memory from the season: "From last season of course it would be winning the state championship in Division IV. But as far as this year, it would just be playing with my fellow teammates and having a good time. No matter if it was winning or losing, (of course more fun winning). What I am saying is that it is my last year and all I wanted to do was have fun and plan for my future. The last thing that I remember is that I have become the all-time leading receiver to come out of Ursuline."
Future plans: "What I plan for the future is that I have committed to the University of Louisville and plan to have a great future there. Also while I am there I plan to study political science."
Jeff Ashton
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: "My father always pushed me to be better and never give up."
Memory from the season: "239 yards and 2 TDs in the same game.
Future plans: "Own my own business in construction. College -- continue to play football."
Gaby Dibo
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: "My father has been the most positive influence in my career. I owe everything to him, and he's always pushed to excel even when I thought I couldn't."
Memory from the season: "Beating Struthers in a blizzard to win the Metro Athletic Conference."
Future plans: "I plan on attending Wofford College, and continuing my football career there. I also plan on majoring in business."
Keilen Dykes
Grade: Junior.
Positive influence: "My mom and dad and my brother Andre who have always been there for me through thick and through thin."
Memory from the season: "When we beat Fitch in overtime to be 1-0."
Future plans: "To go play Big Ten football and hopefully play on Sundays."
Lee Everett
South Range
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: "Bert Gallagher, my grandfather, was the most influential person in my life. He helped me to not only become interested in sports but also helped me to understand the level at which I have to perform to be great."
Memory from the season: "My best memory was defeating a heavily favored Warren JFK handily in the second round of the playoffs. No one believed in us except ourselves and our fans, but we made a lot of believers in South Range football and the ICL that night. Shutting out our arch-rivals, the Springfield Tigers, 41-0 was a large plus on our season also."
Future plans: "I intend on going to college and continuing my football career at an undecided university. After graduation I plan to enroll in law school, and eventually become a partner in a law firm."
Blase Iorio
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: "My parents. They were always there to push me to do my best. Never missed a game."
Memory from the season: "Blanking our arch rival Kennedy Catholic 35-0."
Future plans: "To play college football and be a special ed teacher."
Anthony Wright
Campbell Memorial
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: "My mother because she have always been there supporting me all the way, telling me if I did good or bad."
Memory from the season: "I don't have a best memory they all are memorable."
Future plans: "To play football in college and make it in to the NFL."
Allan Claiborne
Grade: Junior.
Positive influence: "My mom Ruth Odem. She's been on my side ever since I was a little boy. Throwing the football with me."
Memory from the season: "One game against Cornell I rushed for over 200 yards in one half."
Future plans: "My plan is to go to college and get a good education while playing football."
Lou Davanzo
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: "Mom & amp; Dad."
Memory from the season: "Win over Hubbard in overtime."
Future plans:: "Go to college, play football."

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