A mother, daughter tradition

Not every chick needs a guide to football to enjoy the Super Bowl, or any other game for that matter. Jessica Evrard, a student at Youngstown State University and a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, has been watching football her whole life.
She credits her mom with teaching her everything she knows about football; in fact, watching games Sundays after church has been a longtime family activity of theirs. Here's what Evrard had to say about the great tradition of Super Bowl Sunday.
Q. How long have you been watching the Super Bowl?
A. I always watched the Super Bowls, but never in detail until Super Bowl XXX. It was my first chance to see the Steelers play in the Super Bowl. I've been watching every one since.
Q. What do you love about the Super Bowl, in particular?
A. It's the final battle of an awesome season. It's the game for all the marbles. Whatever happened during the season no longer matters. It all comes down to this final game to see who the best team is in the NFL.
Q. What's your favorite way to enjoy the Super Bowl? At home or somewhere else?
A. There's a luxury to watching important games at home, because there's the possibility to leave the room and be alone when the Steelers aren't doing so well. Sometimes being around the opposing team's fans can become irritating, and it's nice to be able to leave the room and watch it alone. But it's also great to watch a good game of football with friends. Sharing old memories of games with friends during commercial breaks just adds to the enjoyment of the game. If you have a good group of friends to watch the game with, it makes it all worthwhile. I have a great group of friends in a great Steeler environment that I love to watch the games with.
Q. What, to you, is the ultimate Super Bowl snack?
A. I would have to say that a Super Bowl party isn't a party unless it has wings. Any flavor of wings will work, as long as they're good. Sometimes we'll get a cake or cupcakes with the team's name for big games. The most important part of the game is watching it, though.
Q. Do you have any halftime rituals that you enjoy while watching the Super Bowl, or are you glued to the tube?
A. It depends on how the game is going as to what you can do during halftime. If the game is going well, then we can sit back and relax, get some food and refill our drinks. If the team is not doing good, on the other hand, then it's check-up time. There has to be something that is creating the bad luck, so we change whatever is necessary to fix our team's luck. And there's one rule against betting. No matter how badly our team is doing, we never bet against the Steelers.

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