CHAMPION Police to check up on senior citizens

The chief said home security evaluations are available.
CHAMPION -- Police Chief Dennis Steinbeck is improving a program that extends community policing to senior citizens.
Steinbeck said Thursday the effort is being started to open the lines of communications with seniors.
Officers will be checking regularly on residents who are ill or are shut-ins who live alone.
When officers are not on a call, they will be assigned to patrols to check on the ill or those who can't leave their homes.
Steinbeck, who became chief at the beginning of January, said the patrols had been random, but that is changing to dedicated home checks.
To set it up: Friends or family who want someone checked on can contact Patrol Officer Jeff White, project coordinator, or Melanie Bower, police clerk, at (330) 847-9363, and provide the name and address of the person.
Officers will stop at the homes during the day and afternoon and do spot checks at night.
The program is to begin in two to three weeks.
The chief said officers also will conduct security evaluation for any resident.
Police will make recommendations to homeowners such as adding locks and security lighting or trimming shrubbery around windows and doors.
School contact: Steinbeck also said he hopes to expand the student resource program.
Officers now stop at the high school for an hour twice a week to talk with students and faculty.
In February, he plans to extend that service to the middle school.

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