Marriage licenses
Lucas J. Dennis, 20, of 544 Willow S.E., Warren, and Carli Jo Zillinger, 20, of 726 Fairmont N.E., Warren.
Steven A. Weatherhead, 26, of 355 Pine Ave., Carlsbad, Calif., and Lani B. Sniderman, 27, of same.
Richard W. Evans, 23, of 2163 Ruth Road, Hubbard, and Jennifer A. Morrow, 21, of 7481 Chestnut Ridge Road, Hubbard.
Eddie L. Faison, 31, of 1769 Milton, Warren, and Tekissa D. Walker, 23, of 1142 Woodview Ave. S.E., Warren.
David C. Estes, 32, of 340 Haymaker Ave. N.W., Warren, and Jennifer A. Hayes, 28, of same.
Joseph F. Beard III, 44, of 4186 N. River Road, Warren, and Sharen L. Coy, 43, of same.
Benjamin Jantson, 24, of 988 Center St. East, Warren, and Larissa Potkay, 26, of 72 S. Hazelwood, Youngstown.
David G. Zock, 42, of 9465 Cain N.E., Warren, and Ellen M. Spano Gore, 41, of same.
Albert J. Konkol, 29, 2122 Robbins Ave., Niles, and Ginger L. Tutor, 24, of same.
Theodore M. Martin, 65, of 350 N. Park Ave., Warren, and Dorothy A. Phillips, 64, of 422 Mateer Road, Leavittsburg.
George E. Robinson, 28, of 864 Pacific Place, Warren, and Susan M. Turner, 28, of same.
James C. Roberts, 48, of 7787 Glen Oakes Drive N.E., Warren, and Diane Liguori, 45, of 305 E. Broadway, Girard.
Andy L. Riccelli, 41, of 3500 Boston Ave., Warren, and Pamela J. Palmer, 39, of same.
Joshua S. Kistler, 19, of 3746 County Line Road, Southington, and Cynthia M. Bates, 20, of 8220 state Route 534, Middlefield.
Joseph H. Haun, 30, of 5943 Hoagland Blackstub Road, Cortland, and Donna A. Cameron, 33, of same.
Dissolutions filed
Henry R. Luscher and Denise R. Luscher.
Tabatha M. Blakely and Christopher C. Blakely.
Louise Bernard and Anthony Bernard.
Teresa A. Maravola and James A. Maravola.
Marcia R. St. John and Samuel R. St. John Jr.
Michelle L. Wiseman and Jeremy Tonti.
Divorces filed
Arthur E. Daly vs. Jill A. Daly.
Debbie L. Detelich vs. Gerald Detelich.
Dozier Taylor vs. Lanetta J. Taylor.
Donna W. Henderson vs. Lloyd A. Henderson.
Richard M. Woodyard vs. Mary Catherine Woodyard.
James E. Taylor vs. Rebecca J. Taylor.
Scott C. Rowe vs. Jeanette D. Rowe.
Legal separation filed
Holly Osborn vs. David J. Osborn.
Cases dismissed
Margaret A. Totten vs. Thomas T. Totten.
Gary J. Opalk vs. Sandra L. Opalk.
Amelia F. Golden Singleton vs. Arthur L. Singleton.
Kathy Wood vs. Joe Heasley.
Rene James vs. Bryan King.
Debra R. Wylesky vs. Keith Wylesky.
Dissolutions granted
David L. Nutt and Janice L. Nutt.
Geoffrey Kale and April Whitley Kale.
Susan C. Russo and John B. Russo.
Richard H. Bailey Jr. and Connie J. Bailey.
Divorces granted
Jessica A. Caldwell vs. James H. Caldwell, divorce to plaintiff.
Mary Cross vs. Rose M. Biviano, dismissed.
Ross Air Services Inc. vs. Castle Aviation, settled.
Shelby J. Bellard vs. Morris M. Levy, settled.
Raymond C. Miller vs. WCI Steel Inc., settled.
Larry J. Redd vs. Ty Lee, settled and dismissed.
National Finance Corp. vs. Michael S. Fitz-patrick, confirmation of sale.
Lori A. Sorvillo vs. Jason A. Larosa, judgment for plaintiff.
D and K Roofing Specialists vs. Ahmand I. Farhan, satisfaction of judgment.
National City Mortgage vs. Denise E. Boyd et al, confirmation of sale.
Biviano Floor and Wall vs. Rino DiPaolo, settled and dismissed except for cross claim of Rino DiPaolo against Pamela Wilson remains.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Daniel A. Jones et al, confirmation of sale.
Waterfield Mortgage vs. Ronald L. Schlabs, foreclosure.
Modern Sales Inc. vs. AVI Food Systems Inc., dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Lashell D. El Sayed, vacating sheriff's sale.
Daniel M. Aulizia vs. Westfield National Insurance, American States Insurance counterclaim against plaintiff only, dismissed.
Audrey G. George vs. Roy R. Tohms, settled and dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Lewis G. Mason et al, dismissed
In the matter of parcels of land, foreclosure.
R.T. Vernal Paving Inc. vs. Gamete Inc., dismissed.
GMAC vs. David Smith et al, dismissed.
Gordon Proctor, director, vs. Gregory A. Davenport, distribution of funds.
Brian Titus vs. Terri Hoysack, settled and dismissed.
Mark E. Nastasi vs. Trumbull Savings and Loan, dismissed.
Jessie Oliver vs. Philip J. Davidson, dismissed.
Option One Mortgage vs. Janette R. Joseph, amended foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Theresa Canterino, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. John F. Staschiak, foreclosure.
CSFB Mortgage LLC vs. James R. Perron et al, foreclosure.
Johnson Worldwide vs. Dennis Garland, default granted.
Linda M. Hernandez vs. Justin J. Caldwell, satisfaction of judgment.
Insurance Company of Ohio vs. Unlimited Electronics, settled and dismissed.
Deann Frazier vs. Peggy lee, dismissed.
Jeanine A. Pizor vs. Janet M. Salac-Pizor, dismissed.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Affordable Home, settled.
Thomas Calhoun vs. Alfred A. Griffin Jr., dismissed.
John S. Krafcik vs. Bureau of Workers Compensation, settled.
Mary Rowlands vs. MCI Worldcom, settled and dismissed.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Darryl R. Donley, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. John D. Dicenso, confirmation.
Sharon Talbott vs. Amanda Sedinger et al, settled and dismissed.
Wayne W. Kwallek vs. Thomas Steel Strip, summary judgment granted.
State of Ohio vs. Toia Barrow, settled.
LaSalle Bank National vs. Carol M. Zobitz, foreclosure.
Cavalry Investments LLC vs. Roosevelt Wade, default granted.
Desey B. Cathey vs. USX Corp., settled.
Gordon Proctor Director vs. Cass Lake Recreational, distribution of funds.
Marvella A. Johnson vs. Anthony V. Pacileo, summary judgment.
State of Ohio Ex. Rel. vs. City of Girard, dismissed.
Martha L. Petracco, admin. vs. Samuel J. Pipes, D.O., settled and dismissed.
James S. Merwin vs. Brett G. Sanders, satisfaction of judgment.
Robert Ward vs. Richard Barr, summary judgment for Joseph Hemlick only.
James E. Herriman vs. Donald J. Fisher, settled and dismissed.
Julie M. Brady vs. C. James Conrad, admin., settled an dismissed.
Rudy Black vs. GMAC, dismissed.
Maxim Crane Works vs. Warren Engineering, summary judgment granted.
New Complaints
Union Federal Bank et al vs. Virgil S. McCartney, foreclosure.
Annie R. Barnett vs. Trumbull County, workers' compensation.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Brenda L. Tustin, foreclosure.
Homecomings Financial vs. James R. Ferry Jr., foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Chya L. Choi, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Company vs. Richard A. Harris, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Company vs. Richard A. Harris, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Ernest N. Norton, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Linda S. Grunder, foreclosure.
Homecomings Financial vs. Linda Frondorf, foreclosure.
Jill L. Wyrick vs. William D. Spithaler, replevin.
Thomas B. Prince vs. Daimler Chrysler Corp., other civil.
West American Insurance vs. Salvatore Giuliano, other civil.
Walter Paulun vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
Theresa Hall vs. C. James Conrad, workers' compensation.
Murphy Lewis vs. Lee F. Manios, other civil.
Jerry J. Merten vs. Trumbull County Adult, other civil.
United States of America vs. Timothy E. Goss, foreclosure.
Employers Fire Insurance vs. Nancy Staschiak, other civil.

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