No sense in BCS

No sense in BCS
How do the Nebraska Cornhuskers, a team that does not win their own Big 12 Conference and is humiliated by Colorado in their final game, giving up 62 points, play for the national championship? The Oregon Ducks, the PAC-10 champs, finished 2nd in the nation in both polls. So how can the BCS overlook a Miami vs. Oregon showdown in the Rose Bowl? Another big game incident, North Texas was selected to play in a Bowl game after finishing 5-6. Now the BCS is giving teams with losing records Bowl berths, but cannot find a place for the Hawaii Rainbows, who finished 9-3 and upset previous unbeaten BYU.
Nebraska got another gift when Eric Crouch was presented the Heisman Trophy, the record for being the best athlete in college football. The award usually goes to a quarterback, but they bypassed Miami's Ken Dorsey, whose team was undefeated, and he had better numbers. Rex Grossman, QB of Florida, had the best year of all but was only a sophomore, so let's penalize him. Eric Crouch is a great athlete, but how was the Big Ten player of the year, Indiana QB Antwan Randle El, overlooked? Randle El is in a class by himself, the only player to rush and pass for over 4,000 yards in a career. Crouch had more interceptions than touchdowns in a career. Crouch had more interceptions than touchdowns, with a ratio of 10 to 7 for the year. In my opinion, the whole thing is a farce. Nebraska was given awards before they were actually earned.
Being fair on the air
Tom Williams' column on Friday, January 11, 2002, reports WKBN General Manager Roland Adeszko as saying that he will do everything in his power to see that his station carries Browns games whenever there is a Browns-Steelers conflict. That's a different cry from what Mr. Adeszko was quoted as saying in an October Vindicator article titled "Steelers fans unhappy about getting shut out." That article included a direct quote by Mr. Adeszko -- "The NFL, not CBS, dictates which game we will air based on a whole slew of reasons ..." -- that implied neither he nor CBS had any control over which AFC game his station aired.
Now I'm confused. Which is it, Mr. Adeszko, do you have no control over which game WKBN airs or are you able to influence that decision?
I would like to urge area Steelers fans to contact both the NFL and Mr. Adeszko to demand a change in the policy that dictates which games are aired on WKBN. Given that this area is home to both Browns and Steelers fans, it seems only fair that the local station gives equal air time to both. In other words, when the schedules of the teams conflict, WKBN should alternate between broadcasting the Browns and the Steelers.

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