HIRING A PRO What to look for

Here are some tips to help ensure customer satisfaction if you are having your carpet installed by a professional:
Check with the Better Business Bureau for a list of recommendations because carpet installers are not licensed.
All carpet installed by a professional should be installed according to industry standards. To obtain a copy of these standards, call (800) 882-8846.
Before you order or install your carpet, the carpet retailer should always come to your home to make sure the measurements are correct. Incorrect measurements can delay installation and increase cost.
Most installations require seams. Before installation, make sure you and the retailer or installer have an agreement about where seams will be. Seams should run the length of the area, and the primary light source should not be perpendicular to seams.
Who will move the furniture? Keep in mind that some installers charge extra to remove furniture from a room before installation. Also, find out if there is an additional charge to remove the old carpet and decide who will be responsible for disposal of the old carpet.
Ask if the retailer or installer offers a warranty. Request a copy of it.
Before installation, inspect carpet for correct style, color, texture and visible defects.
Source: www.carpetbuyershandbook.com

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