SPEECH WINNERS Canfield Kiwanis

Results from the Canfield Kiwanis Speech and Debate Tournament. Sixteen teams competed:
Austintown Fitch: 92Canfield: 81Niles McKinley, Cardinal Mooney (tie): 76Ursuline: 59Poland: 56Lisbon: 38
Original oratory: Diana Awad, Mooney, first; Colleen Eltibi, Canfield, second; Ashley Deley, Fitch, third; JoAnne Johnson, Niles, fourth; Adrienne Palowitz, Mooney, fifth; Deanna Santor, Ursuline, sixth.Oratorical interpretation: Danielle Lucido, Fitch, first; Mikki Horvath, Fitch, second; Hayan Kassis, Girard, third; Carrie Minenok, Fitch, fourth; Namrata Dhillon, Canfield, fifth; Courtney Mohn, Mooney, sixth.Humor: Terrance Sullivan, Fitch, first; Dustin Serbin, Niles, second; Ryan Clausen, Fitch, third; Matt Biviano, Niles, fourth; Seth Coulter, Ursuline, fifth; Chuck Kettering, Ursuline, sixth.Drama: Jerry Strah, Niles, first; Jeannine Rich, Mooney, second; Barb Cardinale, Ursuline, third; Elyse Healey, Mooney, fourth; Curt Esenwein, Canfield, fifth; Vinnie Lucente, Ursuline, sixth.Domestic extemporaneous: Amy Reynallt, Fitch, first; Felicia Trautman, Niles, second; Maribeth Mincey, Liberty, third; Melissa Guterba, Mooney, fourth; Jason Laufman, Canfield, fifth; Richard McCarthy, Ursuline, sixth.Foreign extemporaneous: James Johnston, Poland, first; Adam Buzzacco, Ursuline, second; Amanda Pallante, Niles, third; Justin Sears, Niles, fourth; Adam Amorn, Mooney, fifth; Nicole Mraz, Fitch, sixth.Prose and poetry: Allison McBane, Ursuline, first; Elizabeth Delon, Canfield, second; Lisa Simkins, Fitch, third; Hayley Woak, Niles, fourth; Danelle Durig, Niles, fifth; Sarah Elias, Canfield, sixth.Lincoln-Douglas debate: Chris McKee, Girard, first; Ryan Kuchmaner, Canfield, second; Jessica Dailey, Lisbon, third; Jarid Faubel, Canfield, fourth; John Dickson, Niles, fifth; Katie York, Ursuline, sixth.Duet acting: Lindsey Rudibaugh and Kyle Snyder, Lisbon, first; Wendy Rabosky and Jared Seefried, Poland, second; Shaun Miller and Elyse Coulter, Fitch, third; Jonathan Duran and Brett Seybert, Columbiana, fourth; Adam Hanley and Lindsey Hosking, Girard, fifth; Colleen Smith and Cory Trolio, Boardman, sixth.Duo interpretation: Steve Bassett and Eric Newbrough, Niles, first; Nathan Ortiz and Amanda Williamson, Fitch, second; Ryan Malleske and Mara Lilias, Canfield, third; Dan Ceci and Matt Hernan, Fitch, fourth; Diane Pisani and Sean Philibin, Mooney, fifth; Gene O'Dea and Jeffrey Kosik, Mooney, sixth.Policy debate: Stephon Harris, Natalie Cope, Steve Fannin and Jason Ramsey, West Branch, first; Dylan Jesse, Matthew Gayetsky, Brian Bennett and Alex Kubli, Canfield, second; Alysia D'Amico, Hillary Bretko, Alise Baun and Jen Matzye, Fitch, third.Impromptu: Katie Critell, Mooney, first; Greg Frister, Canfield, second; Richard Smith, Canfield, third; Danielle Karabin, Fitch, fourth; Stacie Shive, Lisbon, fifth; Richard MacAleese, Lisbon, sixth.

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