Not everyone in Poland wants to keep Traficant

Not everyone in Poland wants to keep Traficant
There are two big problems with the recent (Jan. 16) Vindicator front page article headlined, & quot;In Poland, they want to keep Traficant. & quot;
Problem one is the shaky assumption that the views of a few people & quot;drinking coffee in a local deli & quot; are typical of the entire Poland community.
Problem two is blurring together two very different issues: fragmenting the Mahoning Valley vote among multiple congressional districts, and whether the present congressman should remain in office.
Many local people may be upset about the breakup of the 17th District but not at all unhappy to see its incumbent leave the scene, one way or another.
Proper zoning could have protected community
Attention residents of Brookfield Township. You can't say that you weren't warned. Last fall, we tried to tell you that something like this could happen, but enough of you didn't care to listen.
"We were bombarded with pro-zoning propaganda," said the anti-zoning group. We tried to explain that zoning will protect you and your property from dangerous and blighting elements.
"Protect your rights -- vote NO on zoning," said the anti-zoning faction. We showed you pictures of what could happen to the township without zoning. "Nothing more than scare tactics," said the anti-zoning property owners. If I lived on state route 7, I would be scared, and with just cause.
I am referring to the surface mining operation that has spurred approximately a dozen complaints of damage, possibly caused from the blasting at City Stone Products.
The company is located on state route 7 in Brookfield near the Hubbard Township line, which is a section of the township that was very adamant against zoning in last fall's election. The blasting is being performed by Wampum Hardware Company of New Galilee, Pa.
Some Hubbard Township residents have reported cracks in the walls, ceilings, and foundations of their houses and garages. There is also some concern that vibrations from the explosions could cause some of the coal mine shafts in the area to collapse.
With the threat of their homes falling down around them or being swallowed up by Earth, our township residents can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that their rights are protected by the fact that we don't have evil zoning.
Once again, another company has moved into the township and taken advantage of the lack of zoning for their own gain. Under the proposed zoning plan, this section of state route 7 would have been zoned "low density residential" and such a business would not have been permitted to move into this area. Keep in mind that this is true, only if zoning had been passed prior to this company moving into the area. An existing business would be allowed to remain.
What will be next? How about the Valley View Super-Max Federal Prison, the Old 82 Porno Palace or the Maybrook Toxic Waste Disposal Plant and Landfill? Will there be anything left worth zoning?
Valley to blame for loss of congressional district
We, the good and noble people of the Mahoning Valley, have no one to blame for the new GOP redistricting plan and the split-up of the old 17th congressional district but ourselves.
It is we who truly condemned and put up with the turf battles, infighting, and selfish demagogue politicians in the Valley for all these years. Now, to the Valley's hurt, it haunts us today.