Adult Men's Division
Lencyk Masonry 7, Eagles 2 -- Jim Kautz scored twice.
Valley Sports F.C. 19, Hubbard 1 -- Brian Etheridge scored four goals.
Lencyk Masonry 17, Rheil Supply 2 -- Lencyk led 10-1 at the half.
Eagles 12, Canfield 3 -- Mark Moccia scored three times.
Adult Coed Division
Boardman 6, Valley Sports House 5
Beaver 18, East Liverpool 3 -- Ashish Aggarwal scored seven goals, Steve Lutheran had six scores and Jim Graff scored five goals. Rich Wymer scored three times for East Liverpool.
Under-12 Boy's Comp. Division
SOI Azzurri 8, SOI Royals 2
Poland Beagles 5, Canfield 5 (tie) -- Joe Perruzzi scored twice for the Beagles and Jared Turocy got two scores for Canfield.
East Ohio United 6, Boardman 4
Under-14 Boy's Comp. Division
Cardinals 3, Muddy Mooses 3 (tie)
Under-14 Boy's Rec. Division
East Liverpool Blast 12, Cailor Fleming B 4 -- Jimmy Wood was in with five scores and John Opincarne had two scores for Cailor Fleming.
Raiders 4, Boardman 2
Mighty Cards 7, East Palestine Turul 4
Poland Bulldogs 11, Cailor Fleming A 0
Mighty Cards 7, Bad News Boardman 0
East Liverpool Blast 7, East Palestine Turul 4 -- Daniel Kernich had three scores for the Blast while the Turul team got two scores each from Brandon Hull and Nikayla Locher.
C.Y.S. 7, Raiders 3 -- Tommy McBride scored three times for the winning sied and Jeff Pritchard had two goals for the Raiders.
Mighty Cards 13, Cailor Fleming B 1 -- Pete Ross had three goals.
5-6 Coed Division
Trolios 4, Valley Sports Munchkins 4 -- Mark Mediates scored four times for the Munchkins.
8-9 Coed Division
Strikers 4, Poland 3 -- Poland led 3-1 at the half.
Guzmans 5, Poland 5 (tie) -- Jenna Modie and Jenna Visingardi each had two goals for Poland.
Under-10 Boy's Rec. Division
East Palestine Turul 9, National Gypsum 3 -- Jake Danks had three goals while Nathan Grimma and Clay Hicks each had two for Turul. Kevin Sevey scored twice for Gypsum.
Scorpions 5, Morack 3 -- Mark Pagano had three goals and Tyler Ferris scored twice.
Strikers 7, Boardman 1 -- Tyler Culp and Alleigh Wymer each had two goals.
Under-10 Boy's Comp Division
Boardman Bashers 12, Poland White 3 -- Richard Prpak scored five goals.
Poland Blue 9, Mid-East Construction 4 -- Colin Hart and Ryan Tomko each had two goals for Mid-East.
East Palestine Turul 8, Poland Colies 6 -- Greg Bing and Jacob Leon each had two goals for Turul while Mike Day had three scores and Joe Perruzzi had two goals for the Collies.
Under-11 Girl's Division
Ames Movers 5, Strikers 1 -- Beckie Dale had three goals.
Spartans 4, Poland B 3
Poland B 11, Strikers 1
Spartans 4, S & amp;T Engraving 3
Under-12 Girl's Division
Tomkos Tigress 4, Dragons F.C. 3 -- Abbey Allen scored twice for Tomkos.
Crazy Canfield Cards 10, Canfield 3
Dragons F.C. 7, Hubbard Eagles 7 (tie) -- Ashley Mache scored three times and Molly Nard had two goals for the Dragons. For the Eagles, Brittani Duvall had three goals and Jordana Lima had two.
Springfield 4, Boardman 3 -- Ashley Cuba and Patti DiPasquale each had two goals.

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