STRUTHERS Work proceeds to repair complex

More inspections are scheduled for February.
STRUTHERS -- Safety Service Director John Sveda said he's pleased with renovations being made to the Spring Street Apartments.
He made his comments after an inspection of the complex Wednesday by city, fire and county officials.
Landlord Scott Nevel had two weeks, until Wednesday, to complete certain renovations on nine occupied units to bring them up to various building code standards under an agreement with the city. Nevel, who bought the 34-unit complex from Kim Stocker on a land contract this month, was ordered to replace all gutters and downspouts, board up windows on vacant units and patch roofing over occupied units.
"He has about 90 percent of the ... list done, which I was pleasantly surprised with," said Sveda. "We just want to keep it continuing in this direction."
Follow-up inspections are scheduled for Feb. 1. Nevel has until April 30 to do other exterior repairs.
He has nearly finished renovating two vacant units that must pass city inspection before they can be occupied.
Bad reputation: But although progress is being made, Nevel said it may take a while to get rid of the complex's reputation.
"The people call, but as soon as they find out it's Spring Street, they want nothing to do with it," he said.
In July the city spent about $3,800 cleaning up rubble behind the apartments.
Stocker pleaded no contest to three building code violations pertaining to the complex.
She was found guilty of two of them and ordered to pay $200 plus court costs for not having an occupancy permit and for exterior property violations. She was found not guilty of having garbage around the property. Stocker, who had owned the complex since 1997, was also ordered to repay the city for cleanup costs.
Nevel has said he'd like to see at least half of the units rented by the end of the year.

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