YOUNGSTOWN Man gets probation in obscenity case

The 65-year-old man must complete a treatment program for sex offenders.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Pornography and young boys are off-limits to Hurley J. Quackenbush for the next five years.
Quackenbush was placed on five-years' probation Tuesday by Judge R. Scott Krichbaum of Mahoning County Common Pleas Court. The 65-year-old West Princeton Avenue man had pleaded guilty in November to attempted pandering obscenity involving minors.
Judge Krichbaum ordered Quackenbush to serve the first four to six months of his probation in a community-based corrections facility on Market Street, where he will complete a treatment program for sex offenders.
During his probation, Quackenbush cannot own or possess pornography, the judge said.
"And you have no business having young boys anywhere near your property," he said.
Police were called: Authorities were called to Quackenbush's home in July to investigate a report that he was trying to pay two young boys to come into his house. Police went inside and found pictures of naked children in an upstairs bedroom.
The boys told police that Quackenbush had showed them the pictures.
Quackenbush said in court that the boys were helping him to clean up the house, which had been condemned by the city, and that they'd found the pictures while he was working in the basement.
Assistant Prosecutor Deena Calabrese said there was no evidence that Quackenbush engaged in sexual contact with the boys.
"I was in a compromising situation that a lot of people have read a lot of things into," Quackenbush said. "Having those boys approach my property was a real misstep."
The boys, both about 12 years old, live near Quackenbush, Calabrese said.
Defense attorney Marc Dann said that Quackenbush has been humiliated by what happened and that his arrest "may have been the best therapy available in this situation."
The pornographic pictures belonged to someone else who had rented space from Quackenbush, he said.

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