MINERAL RIDGE Meeting turns into a fiasco

MINERAL RIDGE -- The public comments portion of the Weathersfield Township trustees meeting Tuesday got a bit heated.
Chairman Fred Bobovnyk had police remove one resident from the township building after the man repeatedly interrupted other residents who were speaking.
The man had complained about trustees' giving what he considered big raises to employees at the end of last year, while many people were scraping to get by in the private sector.
Bobovnyk tried several times to restore order.
The verbal tussling occurred over such issues as why trustees had granted a raise to township administrator David Pugh last month and eliminated from his workload the job of township zoning inspector.
Sherri Craver, former assistant zoning inspector, was hired as full-time zoning inspector last month.
Bobovnyk said Pugh was not going to be doing less work.
Other concerns: Resident Marvin McBride wanted to know why the police chief hadn't received a raise.
Responding to questions from a woman in the audience, Trustee James Price said he didn't appreciate being called at home by a person screaming so loud that it scared his granddaughter.
During the business portion of the meeting, trustees named Richard Harkins to a five-year term on the zoning commission ending Dec. 31, 2006, and said the township will pay $1 per township resident, or $8,677, toward a regional public transportation system being established by Niles.

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