Marriage licenses
Jeffrey C. Jones, 32, of 2912 Roy St., Youngstown, and Debra A. Bosak, 30, of same.
Robert J. Ciszewski Jr., 36, of 2221 Guadalupe Ave., Youngstown, and Diane L. Rich, 31, of same.
Roy H. Kohler, 30, of 2701 E. Calla Road, Poland, and Sheila M. Wharry, 37, of same.
Legal separation
Patricia Rohrman, 86 Prospect, Struthers, vs. Keith A. Rohrman, 68 Center St., Struthers.
Divorces asked
John R. Agnew, 155 E. Maryland, Sebring, vs. Ruth A. Agnew, 155 1/2 E. Maryland, Sebring.
Dissolutions asked
Dawna D. Giddings, 1762 Cranberry Lane N.E., Apt. 173, Warren, and James L. Giddings Jr., 1265 Strossmayer Drive, Vienna.
Michael W. McGahagan, 3123 Duck Creek Road, North Jackson, and Karen McGahagan, 4553 Rhode Island Drive, Austintown.
New complaints
Sallie Mae Servicing LP vs. Michael S. Husar, money.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Keri J. Tusinac et al, foreclosure.
Edward T. Saadi vs. James A. Dimuzio et al, money.
Timothy S. Sams vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC et al, workers' compensation.
Bankers Trust Company et al vs. Theresa M. Everett et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. et al vs. Victor W. Berlon et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
William E. Crawford Jr. et al vs. Judith M. Barabas et al, money.
Trumbull Memorial Hospital vs. Bruce A. Reiner, money.
One Valley Bank NA vs. Kimberly L. Antill et al, money.
American National Property and Casualty Companies et al vs. Barbara Greene, money.
Lovetta S. Morrow vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, money.
County treasurer vs. Bessie M. Mitchell et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Same vs. 4-Fax Inc. et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Maeo G. Bates et al vs. Mary C. Rogers, money.
Carmelia T. Gooden vs. Raymond Gallaugher Jr. et al, money.
Dr. John Conti et al vs. William Buckley et al, money.
George Chingkonish vs. Dale P. Weaver, money.
Cindy R. Paga et al vs. Sheryl L. Desmond, money.
Best Dry Walls Inc. vs. DEB Enterprises Inc.. et al, money.
Docket entries
State vs. Larry Robbins aka Gary Ro, released to CCA and to complete in-patient program, remaining terms to continue as previously ordered.
Same vs. Keith D. Goodman, sentence suspended, granted non-reporting probation for one year for negligent assault.
Same vs. Frankie Jorge, court imposes two years community control and other conditions for possession of drugs.
Same vs. Charlotte L. Mayes, court imposes one year community control for theft.
Same vs. Charles Lynch, balance of sentence suspended, court imposes community control for three years, to enter and complete in-house program at CCA and to obtain GED.
Same vs. John Doe aka Wilfredo Placeres, dismissed.
Same vs. Joseph Floyd, court imposes 18 months community control for trafficking in crack cocaine.
Same vs. Leah C. Petruzzi, court modifies community control, to enter and complete Mahoning County Drug Court and abide by all its rules and regulations for violation of community control.
Same vs. Lisa M. Perez, community control negatively terminated.
Same vs. Steven K. Jeter, balance of sentence suspended, put on three years community control.
The CIT Group vs. Deborah C. Rodriguez et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Jason Gray vs. Gabriel Masi, settled.
Nancy Kellgren, admin. vs. Humility of Mary Health Partners et al, dismissed.
Charles M. Walski vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC et al, settled.
Gerald Chizmar et al vs. Leonard Sefcik et al, settled.
Mark A. Butta vs. Range Resources Corp. et al, dismissed.
Mary Carrigan vs. Terry Carrigan et al, dismissed.
North American Mortgage vs. Ryan E. Daniels et al, foreclosure.
First Place Bank vs. Jacqueline M. Herman et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial vs. Barbara J. Montgomery et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Louis Merdic et al, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan vs. Frank R. Robbins Jr. et al, decree of judgment.
U.S. Bank vs. Elsie Bailey et al, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan vs. Carol Gibson et al, decree of judgment.
Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown vs. Derrick A. Cianciola et al, decree of judgment.
Kathy J. Osborne vs. Alfred J. Wellman, settled.
State vs. Kevin W. Wiles, released to CCA with conditions: drug treatment, obtain GED, and three years probation, with other conditions.
Same vs. Michael P. Georgiadis, placed on electronically monitored house arrest until further order of court.
Ronald Hoffman et al vs. Boardman Community Baseball League, settled.
Rose Brown vs. Brenda Koppel et al, settled.
Evergreen Land Development Ltd. et al vs. Beaver Twp. Ohio et al, settled.
Duane E. Lombard et al vs. Nicole M. Ballester et al, settled.
Shirley Bosak vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, dismissed.
Doris Pounds vs. Austintown Schools et al, dismissed.
Altegra Credit Co. vs. Jeffery T. Gue et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Fidelity Bank vs. Mathew Stephens et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Danielle Lissman vs. Krista L. Zacherl et al, dismissed.
Judith Miller vs. John R. Williams IV, dismissed.
Accredited Home Lenders vs. Dana B. Jackson et al, foreclosure.
Farmers National Bank vs. Garrett T. McCullough, judgment for plaintiff.
GM Acceptance Corp. vs. Louis A. Wolk et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Carol McMacken et al vs. Mary A. Barto, settled and dismissed.
Aames Capital vs. Joseph E. Rumbaugh et al, confirmation of sale and confirmation.
Real estate transfers
Marcia L. Welch to Matthew A. Cessna, Green Twp., $86,000.
Joe Koch Corporation to Joseph A. Humphries et al, Springfield Twp., $202,001.
Andrew R. Kashovie et al to Gordon M. McDevitt et al, North Jackson, $77,500.
Paul Austin to Kenneth E. Fletcher Sr., Campbell, $74,900.
Richard Magni to Community Living Inc., Boardman Twp., $75,000.
Sharrott Road Development Corp. to Bertelli Homes Inc., $15,000.
John Bardosh III to Gary M. Crim Inc., Youngstown, $20,000.
William Zigo et al to Dagmar Lubononich, Boardman Twp., $51,000.
Eric D. Sellers et al to Michael J. Fromel et al, Berlin Center, $140,500.
Roger P. Snay Sr. to Edward W. Jackson et al, Sebring, $72,000.
Mary Burgess to Albert J. Farkas et al, Boardman Twp., $85,500.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Neil D. and Tara L. Guerrier, 1810 Celeste Circle, Youngstown, He: none; she: Toys R Us; liabilities, $58,750; assets, $2,392.
Radosav Dimitrijevic, 908 N. Belle Vista Ave., Youngstown, laborer, U.S. Trading; liabilities, $9,923; assets, $2,370.
Melissa S. Carnahan, aka Melissa Gaskill, 80 Wilhelm St., Struthers, none; liabilities, $14,402; assets, $1,590.
Penny J. Miller, 189 Elm St., Struthers, insurance sales, Prudential; liabilities, $108,862; assets, $52,520.
Doris E. Rapczak Kohut, 17 Thrush Drive, Lake Milton, retired; liabilities, $47,535; assets, $33,215.
Antoine and Tami Seawood, 149 Gordon Ave., Campbell, he: supervisor, Calex Corp.; she: none; liabilities, $9,523; assets, $2,525.
Georgienne Antonas, 317 Porter Ave., Campbell, Campbell Schools; liabilities, $150,427; assets, $2,000.
Janice L. Wilson, 8345 Four Seasons Trail, Poland, teacher, Poland School District; liabilities, $30,322; assets, $1,550.
Joseph W. Flora, 525 Sixth St., Struthers, welder, New Breed Fabrication; liabilities, $10,233; assets, $2,075.
Karen L. Wiscott, 4251 Crum Road, Austintown, factory worker, Delphi Packard Electric Systems; liabilities, $82,813; assets, $57,559.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Jerry III and Laticia A. London, 111 Hollywood St., Boardman, he: BTC, Belmont Pines; she: STNA, Caprice Health Care Center; liabilities, $25,417; assets, $9,500.
Maurice D. and Rachelle S. Willis, 3312 Estate Circle, Youngstown, he: none; she: teacher's aide, Legacy Academy; liabilities, $101,009; assets, $86,415.
Peter R. II and Lori L. Frazier, 235 Coitsville Road, Campbell, he: plumber, Neff Company; she: store manager, EFJ Company; liabilities, $84,166; assets, $75,620.
William D. Bright II, 735 Linwood Ave., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $86,370; assets, $67,850.

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