Book tells how to color boldly

Book tells howto color boldly
"Bold Colors for Modern Rooms" is not for wimps. Then again, maybe they're precisely the people who need this book.
Sarah Lynch, editor of the "Colorways" column in Metropolitan Home magazine, wrote the book to help readers choose daring colors with confidence. She believes that bold color can help create a clean, simple, modern-looking room, but that it's important to consider the color's effect -- what the color says -- before buying paint or fabric.
Lynch gives advice for matching the hue to the room's purpose and intended mood, for choosing colors that go well together and for keeping strong colors from becoming overwhelming. For the hesitant souls, she also provides ideas for adding dashes of color in small quantities.
"Bold Colors for Modern Rooms" is published by Rockport Publishers. It's priced at $35.
Soil doesn't stickto shovel with holes
Contractor Tom Sokaski of Andover, Ohio, got tired of the sticky clay soil adhering to the surface of his work crews' shovels.
He discovered that by strategically placing pea-size holes in the blade, there was less surface for the mud to stick to. And the holes didn't allow any soil to seep through.
And that's how the Toolite Shovel was born.
The shovel is lighter than conventional shovels and handy for garden use.
Price: $40. Information: (800) 833-2495.

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