1st--Sir Chad(R Tharps)6.404.802.60
Willow Spice(J Pantaleano)7.404.40
Christmas Glory(C Umholtz)2.40
Exacta 6-3 Paid $50.20
Trifecta 6-3-1 Paid $147.00
2nd--Don't Know Jack8.603.603.40
Sweet Sugar Baby(Pantaleano)2.803.00
Hsingdig Bluegrass(D Ward)4.20
Exacta 5-1 Paid $25.20
Trifecta 5-1-7 Paid $187.60
Daily Double 6-5 Paid $39.20
3rd--Mario's Chuckles24.6011.404.20
Major Disturbance(R Tharps)6.604.20
Cr Grandiose(G Grismore)2.80
Exacta 6-1 Paid $175.00
Trifecta 6-1-3 Paid $584.40
4th--Fannie K(L Ferrari)6.405.003.00
True North(G Grismore)9.606.60
Noble Dancer(J Pantaleano)4.80
Exacta 5-4 Paid $59.80
1st Half Tri-Super 5-4-1 Paid $556.40
Superfecta 5-4-1-3 Paid $1,244.60
5th--Canary Road10.604.403.00
Fresh Fire(G Grismore)3.402.80
Sand Sammie(B Sturgeon)3.00
Exacta 4-1 Paid $24.00
Trifecta 4-1-5 Paid $117.40
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $442.00
6th--I Will Come Over12.205.405.40
Arnon(G Grismore)5.204.20
Hey Good Look'in(D Hawk)9.00
Exacta 3-2 Paid $62.60
Trifecta 3-2-5 Paid $619.40
2nd Half Tri-Super NO WINNERS CARRYOVER $4,780.60
7th--Ladimaud Bluegrass31.6016.207.60
Power Beam Star(B Sturgeon)28.6010.00
Hot Country Lady(D Ward)3.40
Exacta 5-7 Paid $402.80
Trifecta 5-7-1 Paid $3,413.80
Superfecta 5-7-1-9 Paid $4,777.00
8th--Down Right Worthy97.045.0016.80
Hinkle(C Wyers)20.8011.00
Lo and Behold(S Schillaci)4.40
Exacta 6-7 Paid $943.00
Trifecta 6-7-1 Paid $11,992.80
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $3,062.00
9th--Noble Lily10.004.202.80
Society's Louise(D Ward)3.202.40
Game Nicole(D Hawk)2.60
Exacta 9-2 Paid $22.20
Trifecta 9-2-4 Paid $70.20
10th--Bellaholmes N16.608.204.20
Candy's Secret(T Jones)4.603.00
Noble Lynette(G Grismore)3.40
Exacta 3-2 Paid $61.40
Trifecta 3-2-6 Paid $202.40
Superfecta 3-2-6-1 Paid $1,395.60
11th--Patio Pete22.4012.605.40
Dj Dozer(G Grismore)27.208.20
Anastasia Baron(J Conger)3.60
Exacta 8-7 Paid $253.80
Trifecta 8-7-2 Paid $1,712.20
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $1,816.60
12th--Semalu A Priori4.003.002.40
Tandias Courage A6.203.80
Shutupandkissme(T Jones)3.00
Exacta 6-7 Paid $24.80
Trifecta 6-7-9 Paid $113.00
13th--Game Mary L11.205.003.40
Irish Way(D Ward)13.208.00
Sugar Valley Angel(G Grismore)3.40
Exacta 1-2 Paid $86.20
Trifecta 1-2-3 Paid $276.60
14th--Glowing Amber5.402.602.40
Mega Laugh(G Grismore)2.602.40
Tara Tara Tara(D Ward)4.40
Exacta 3-9 Paid $12.80
Trifecta 3-9-6 Paid $91.80
Superfecta 3-9-6-7 Paid $419.80
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $124.20
Pick Four 4 OF 4 Paid $1,548.40
Attendance: 2,834, Handle: $1,356,817
TODAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--PACE, 8000CL NW3, 3,000, 1 MI
Budmight, G Grismore; Noble Grinder, R Tharps; Smilin Cuz of You, D Ward; Jimmy Letsgo, W Case Jr; Jackpot Sahbra, W Case Jr; Ellen'sababe, T Jones; Nobleland Tom, B Sturgeon; Bret Seven, D Hawk; Simply Gary, J Pantaleano; Black Silver, G Grismore.
2nd--TROT, NW350PSCD, 3,500, 1 MI
Tiger In The Woods, J Smith; Kickalittle, L Ferrari; Mighty Bloom, G Grismore; Miss Gigi D, W Case Jr; Willmania, R Tharps; Fun Message, D Hawk; Yankee Booster, S Schillaci; Y F Illusion, J Pantaleano; B Speedball, D Hawk; Cinderella's Man, W Case Jr
3rd--PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Knockout Sahbra, T Jones; Noble Strike, R Tharps; Jate Propelled, T Jones; Life Size, J Pantaleano; Daresbury Lane N, W Case Jr; Apollo Killean, E Deaton; Glenview Fritz, B Sturgeon; Washingson, D Hawk; Lavros Skipper N, J Pantaleano; Sex Machine, D Hawk.
4th--PACE, NW400PSCD, 4,000, 1 MI
Script Ohio, G Grismore; So Dynamic, D Ward; Windy Beach, W Irvine; Sleek Style, D Ward; Sportsmaster Joey, S Schillaci; Big Boy Cam, C Wyers; Rackem's Road, W Case Jr; Noble Sam, G Grismore; Tazewell, R Tharps; Tricky Surprise, G Grismore.
5th--PACE, 25000CL, 8,400, 1 MI
Sharp Lookin Fuzz, W Case Jr; North Wind, J Pantaleano; Bearcat Hanover, Tba; Biaggi A, Tba; Niabrisk, W Case Jr; Santa Anna Sam, S Schillaci; Jacobson, R Tharps; Magic Marker N, R Tharps.
6th--PACE, NW550PSCD, 5,500, 1 MI
Forcees, E Deaton; Tommys Pistol, G Grismore; Sand Ahoy, R Tharps; Split In Two, D Hawk; Lavros Victoria N, J Pantaleano; All Quacked Up, D Ward; Lonesome Fella, T Jones; Ruben Hanover, G Grismore; Donven Devious, T Jones.
7th--PACE, 10000CL, 6,000, 1 MI
Devil's Raider, W Case Jr; Ready To Be Rich, S Schillaci; Stormy Osborne, B Sturgeon; Big Time Kisser, R Tharps; Bruceontheloose, J Pantaleano; Terri's Colt, E Deaton; Vas Is Das, R Tharps; Giggle At Life, W Case Jr; Bell Mattlantic, G Grismore; S L Command, R Tharps.
8th--PACE, 12500CL, 6,600, 1 MI
Demand Respect, R Tharps; De Leon, R Tharps; Native Dragon, J Pantaleano; Barefootinthesand, W Case Jr; Gallows Humour, W Case Jr; Teasing Scooter, S Schillaci; Perfecto A, T Jones; Niacrombie, D Hawk; Travis Trip, E Deaton.
9th--PACE, 15000CL, 7,200, 1 MI
Rocket Rocket, J Pantaleano; I Wanna Score, W Case Jr; Fast Muffler, W Case Jr; Wild Legend, G Grismore; Dragoon, D Hawk; Fast Ball, W Case Jr; Gold Bandit, S Schillaci; Nite Cop, D Hawk; Exacta Bayama, J Pantaleano.
10th--PACE, 20000CL, 7,800, 1 MI
Ask For Trouble, W Case Jr; Love That Jate, G Grismore; Jb's Lion King, S Schillaci; Alljateallthetime, W Case Jr; Sunny N Lite, J Pantaleano; R Green Machine, D Hawk; Chewy, R Tharps; Best Bud, D Hawk; Mahdi Navigator A, D Ward.
11th--PACE, OPN, 9,500, 1 MI
Double Down, W Case Jr; Pacific Cam N, S Schillaci; Sun Trick, B Sturgeon; Mcnally, D Ward; Scootin Bob, G Grismore; Worthy Suitor, R Tharps; Carolina Jack, R Tharps; Fakes Folly A, T Jones; Pocket Vance N, D Hawk.
12th--PACE, INV, 11,500, 1 MI
Mariah's Cyclone, J Pantaleano; Teeth of The Dog, S Schillaci; Roney Returns, E Deaton; Cmon Sloopy Hangon, W Case Jr; Alar, J Pantaleano; Mac De Stroyer N, J Pantaleano; Grandpa Ike, W Case Jr; Doubly Dunnrite, D Venier.
13th--PACE, 12500CL, 6,600, 1 MI
Hillbilly Jack, J Pantaleano; Bunce N, W Case Jr; Engine Hanover, Tba; Holme Medley N, W Case Jr; Hes Back, T Jones; Ilium Angus, T Crissman; Bratwurst Days, R Tharps; Pacific Dino, D Hawk; Keep The Faith, S Schillaci.
14th--PACE, 8000CL, 4,800, 1 MI
N The Other, D Ward; Mark Willie, S Schillaci; Mitey Sam, D Hawk; Loaded Cannon, W Case Jr; Brooklets Bachelor, C Wyers; Patrician, D Ward; Sir Walter Raleigh, R Tharps; Dare You Corey, W Case Jr; Colbys Future, E Deaton; Bum Bum Rum Dumb, R Stahl.

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