Marriage licenses
Daniel L. Burtner, legal age, of 9555 Struthers Road No. 532, New Middletown, and Lucinda D. Shaw, legal age, of 6477 E. Garfield Road No. 193, Petersburg.
James K. Lloyd, 37, of 2427 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, and Teresa Y. Barron, 33, of same.
Stanley Crookall, 79, of 318 St. Annes Cresent, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and Mary M. Williams, 73, of 16208 state Route 62, Damascus.
Samer Y. Siouffi, 42, of 695 E. Western Reserve Road No. 1804, Poland, and Beth A. Stewart, 35, of 695 E. Western Reserve Road No. 1904, Poland.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Brian L. James, court modifies sentence to 3 years community control and to enter and complete residential program at CCA.
State of Ohio vs. Ray E. Brown II, court modifies sentence and imposes 2 years community control with other conditions.
State of Ohio vs. Debra Paulin aka Debra Lombardo, sentenced to 46 days.
Leon Siminoff et al vs. Daniel C. Thomas et al, settled and dismissed.
Sheila Williams vs. Youngstown City Schools et al, dismissed.
Christopher K. Carfano vs. Spectrum Metal Finishing, settled.
Stephanie J. Szoke et al vs. Lloyd L. Murray et al, Meridian Mutual Insurance only, dismissed.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Sanford King et al, confirmation of sale.
Gerald W. Goodspeed vs. Betty Holibaugh, dismissed.
Lori Saunders et al vs. Amber M. Shaulis et al, settled and dismissed.
National City Bank Columbus vs. Estate of Foort E. Cook Jr. et al, confirmation and distribution.
Sandra C. Eldridge vs. Jay R. Osborne M.D. et al, dismissed.
Fleet Mortgage Corp. vs. Eddie R. Mills et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Debra L. Scarnecchia et al, foreclosure.
Free Gospel Church vs. Harvey Minich, judgment for plaintiff.
Cortland Savings vs. The Shepherd's Guide et al, judgment of cognovit note for plaintiff.
Cortland Savings vs. The Shepherd's Guide et al, judgment of cognovit note for plaintiff.
Permanent General Insurance vs. Debra L. Sharkey et al, judgment for plaintiffs.
State of Ohio vs. Thomas Ricciardi, court revokes community control and sentences to 2 years with other conditions, for violation of probation.
State of Ohio vs. Sean P. Ungaro, granted three years probation, six months suspension of driver's license with other conditions for attempted possession of heroin, morphine and oxycodone.
State of Ohio vs. Terry Hudson aka Terry Delmar Rozier, sentenced to six months for probation violation.
State of Ohio vs. Carol Wright, sentenced to 10 months each for theft and tampering with records, to run concurrently.
Reynold Kleshock vs. Poland Township et al, dismissed.
Alliance Mortgage vs. Mary Beth Jones et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Gresh Designs Inc. vs. William Burke et al, settled and dismissed.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Unknown heirs of Alice Dandy et al, judgment entry.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Robert F. Metzinger et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Walter L. Ennis et al, foreclosure.
Kathleen McCullion vs. Ohio Valley Mall et al, judgment for defendant.
State of Ohio vs. Tiffany M. Altman, sentence suspended, granted one year non-reporting probation and fined for theft.
State of Ohio vs. Charles A. McCoy, sentenced to three years for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
State of Ohio vs. Brian Van Grey, sentenced to 12 months for attempted assault.
State of Ohio vs. Christopher Weimer, sentenced to 18 months for aggravated assault.
State of Ohio vs. William T. Jones, sentenced to 3 years for burglary.
State of Ohio vs. Lamonte Jones Jr., sentenced to six months for passing bad checks and forgery.
State of Ohio vs. Kevin R. McGuire, sentenced to 60 days, three years probation, and driver's license suspended for five years with other conditions, for driving under the influence of alcohol.
State of Ohio vs. Douglas Kellish, court agreed with probation office and asst. prosecutor to continue 3 years probation on the same terms for parole violation.
State of Ohio vs. John F. Georges, sentence of 4-15 years suspended, placed on three years probation and house arrest for six months with other conditions of super shock probation.
Leon Siminoff et al vs. Daniel C. Thomas et al, settled and dismissed.
Dominic Ciarniello et al vs. A.P. Green Ind. Inc. et al, dismissed.
James Conrad, admin. vs. Patricia Frogget et al, settled and dismissed.
Marlene Dunn et al vs. Robert Maloney et al, settled and dismissed.
Harry M. Yeany vs. McCon Construction and Excavating Inc., dismissed.
Anna R. Michalak vs. Cayla A. Matteson et al, settled and dismissed.
Timothy C. Sharp vs. USX Corp. et al, dismissed.
Barbara A. Finley vs. Tamarkin et al, dismissed.
Atlantic Mortgage vs. James L. Engles et al, foreclosure.
Nuvell Credit Corp. vs. Puella Jordan, settled and dismissed.
MTG Electronic vs. Evelyn G. Short et al, foreclosure.
Mark G. Mangie vs. Darlien A. Seivert, settled and dismissed.
First Union Home Equity Bank NA vs. Arthur G. Huffman et al, default judgment and foreclosure.
BA Mortgage vs. Roe L. Haskin Sr. et al, foreclosure.
Salomon Brothers Realty vs. Cynthia L. Perkins et al, foreclosure.
Keybank NA vs. Louis A. Petronelis et al, foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. Mark Brak et al, foreclosure.
Leader Mortgage Co. vs. James H. Estes et al, foreclosure.
Equicredit vs. Cheryl Ashley et al, foreclosure.
Anchor Cigar and Candy Co. vs. Joseph Phillips et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Sandra Treharn vs. Floyd Lutton et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Sarat Nalluri vs. Dan Fiore, dismissed.
B & amp; R Wholesale vs. MHT Luxory Alloy, partial summary judgment granted.
Probate court
Will of George Lencyk: estate to wife, Diana.
Will of Sandra L. Chester: estate to husband, Robert A.
Will of Lois M. Bond: estate to children, Mary L. Strope and Dale R. Bond.
Will of Rebecca Watkins: estate to JoAnn K. Callaway, Frances L. Ward, Braddock Watkins IV and Rebecca P. Watkins, with specific bequests.
Will of William P. Goskie: estate to wife, Eleanor.
Real estate transfers
John L. Hollogaugh et al to Household Realty Corp. et al, Austintown Twp., $35,000.
Lloyd R. Martin to Dennis C. Ingram et al, Boardman Twp., $187,500.
Arlene DeChellis to Robert J. McGuire, Poland Twp., $112,500.
Donald R. Cominsky et al to James A. Sawyer et al, Austintown Twp., $67,000.
Sean P. Holmes et al to Thomas L. Price et al, Boardman Twp., $110,000.
Cruciano Segretario et al to Aaron N. Meyers, Austintown Twp., $109,200.
George Brown et al to Stephen L. Wood, Youngstown, $45,000.
Nancy L. Smith to Robert H. Schnellbach Jr. et al, Milton Twp., $238,000.
Linda Awad et al to Headache and Pain Intervention LLC, Boardman Twp., $375,000.
Rachelle Kershner to Mathew Alenhead, Youngstown, $80,000.
Bankers Trust Company of California to Priscilla Gotay, Youngstown, $5,500.
E & amp; T Development Inc. to Nick Kalounis et al, Campbell, $34,000.
Bruce E. Brocker et al to Gary M. Hamilton et al, Beaver Twp., $70,000.
Bruce E. Brocker et al to Richard L. Markham, Beaver Twp., $85,000.
Audrey Jones to Kathleen Talbot, Youngstown, $63,200.
Norman D. Arbogast et al to Patricia E. McBroom, Boardman Twp., $74,850.
Russo Builders Unlimited Inc. to James J. Ianazone et al, Canfield, $430,000.
Russell J. Colton to Ronald N. Joseph et al, Boardman Twp., $67,000.
Timothy L. Casity et al to Thomas A. Banner Jr. et al, Beaver Twp., $68,000.
Keith L. Adams to Anne Massullo-Sabella, Youngstown, $7,500.
Kathryn L. McCracken to Ronald Dubinsky, Boardman Twp., $76,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Davene Mangie, 6166 Middletown Road, Middletown, none; liabilities, $2,030,864; assets, $431,545.
Robert T. Lipnicky, 231 Southview Drive, Canfield, independent contractor, Primerica Financial Svcs.; liabilities, $21,672; assets, $4,150.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Donna L. Sammons, 1800 Garfield Road, Columbiana; unemployed; liabilities, $19,240; assets, $12,434.
Gary A. and Cheryl L. Prior, 430 W. Main St., Washingtonville, he: vending services, Serex Services; she: none; liabilities, $104,156; assets, $79,950.
Channa Felger and Jerald S. Felger, 36 Terrace Drive, Boardman, she: assistant manager, Children's Place; he: C & amp; C Operator, McHenery Industry; liabilities, $95,805; assets, $73,000.
Floyd E. Jr. and Dolly C. Gaskins, 728 Linwood Ave., Youngstown, he: van driver, St. Elizabeth Health Center; she: admitting clerk, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $45,060; assets, $69,576.
Milagros Nieves, 1355 Himrod Ave., Youngstown, disabled; liabilities, $32,832; assets, $6,020.
Debra Mitchell, 3717 Elbertus, Youngstown, engineer, WFMJ; liabilities, $22,513; assets, $22,720.
Paul S. Jr. and Wendy A. Ritter, 3418 Nelson Ave., Youngstown; he; disabled; she: none; liabilities, $42,650; assets, $30,800.

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