WARREN Burglars targeting downtown

A handgun was stolen from the bonding company.
WARREN -- Several downtown offices of attorneys were broken into by at least one potential client.
Police say in the past six weeks someone broke into three attorney offices and a bonding company.
City police Detective Jeff Hoolihan said he has no suspects but is continuing to search.
According to police records, the offices of John Large, 144 N. Park Ave. N.E.; Samuel Bluedorn and Charles Ohlin,144 N. Park; and WorldWide Bonding, 144 N. Park, were broken into Nov. 21. The law office of Toni Marcheskie was broken into Jan. 2.
Large, Bluedorn, Ohlin and Marcheskie are criminal defense and civil attorneys.
"I have no idea who would want to do this to us," Bluedorn said. "Whoever was here didn't take anything. It appears they went through a few drawers."
Other crime scenes: Large stated on his report that someone kicked open the door to his office and then kicked open another door leading to a room with a safe. The report does not say if the safe was opened. The report does note that a Tops store bonus card was left near the safe.
WorldWide Bonding officials note that three rooms were ransacked, a door was damaged and a handgun was stolen.
Marcheskie noted on her report that a laptop computer, computer software and a porcelain figurine were stolen.
"I wish I knew who did this," said Robert Cregar, owner of the bonding company. "I would like the police department to put a cop on a walking beat in the downtown area at night so this doesn't happen again."

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