Local unit to utilize humvees

AUSTINTOWN -- The 838th Military Police Company will be the first National Guard unit in the United States to have humvees when it takes delivery of 29 of them Jan. 22 at the Christy Armory, 475 Victoria Road.
The regular Army has used humvees for several years, but the 838th is the first guard unit to receive what is formally called a M1114 Up-Armored (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle).
The humvees provide ballistic, artillery and mine blast protection to occupants. Principal modifications to the humvee include an armor package, high-capacity brakes, upgraded suspension and lift points, a reinforced frame and large capacity air conditioning unit, according to the ONG.
The vehicle provides complete crew protection for the driver and three crew members from armor piercing rounds, fragmentation protection against 155mm artillery shells as well as underbody protection up to 12-pound anti-personnel/anti-tank mines. The vehicle also has a rooftop weapon station to accommodate the M60 machine gun and M2 .50-caliber heavy machine gun.
Brigadier Gen. Ronald G. Young, ONG Assistant Adjutant General, said it is an honor for an Ohio unit to be chosen as the first National Guard unit to receive humvees. He praised the 838th MP Co. as having a "proven service record second to none."

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