Patriotism demands U.S. flag have pre-eminence

Patriotism demands U.S. flag have pre-eminence
Every time I drive in front of the Margaret Wynn Memorial Baptist Church on S.R. 616 and see what appears to be an anti-American, anti-community and anti-veteran display of the Stars and Stripes, my blood boils.
I write this letter as a U.S. citizen, resident of the Poland community and especially as a U.S. Army veteran. As I write this concern, President Bush came on television and said, as he has so often since the Sept. 11, "Embrace the values which makes this country so great." The Stars and Stripes is the greatest symbol of this great nation.
It appears to me and hopefully the surrounding communities and especially all veterans that the un-American display of the Stars and Stripes by the church points out that the Rev. Barry Knaub has never worn a U.S. military uniform nor have the church's members. If they have, regard for the U.S. flag has been lost.
The abuse of the American flag in this manner reminds me of the Vietnam era flag-burning days and the run to Canada by such individuals avoiding their responsibilities as U.S. citizens to this great land of ours.
Rev. Knaub and the majority of his congregation must not support the values of a country at war, thereby placing themselves within the minority of U.S. citizens and especially of veterans.
This writer believes in God, but Old Glory is the instrument that has established the freedom of worship for this church and therefore has earned the right to be displayed above all other flags and symbols.
Some veterans would put Christian flag first
I disagree with those who say that no flag should fly above the American flag. I'm also a veteran of the Army and Navy. When I went to church services aboard ship, the Christian flag would always fly above the American flag. As a Christian, I believe that it should.
I love the American flag as much as any true American would, but I believe the Christian flag should fly above the American flag. If we honor God as he should be, we would be the only godly country in the world. In fact, a survey in The Vindicator stated that only 17 percent of this nation base their morals and values on the Bible. And we say, "God Bless America."
I believe, without a doubt, that God is showing his wrath on this country, and unless we start having more faith and putting God first in our lives and change our ways God will continue to pour out his wrath on this country. God should come first in everything.
U.S. should care for own people, not for Afghans
I'm writing in response to the letter in The Vindicator about the LTV steel mill. I agree with that teen-ager 100 percent. Those men have worked faithfully all these years, but now that LTV is closing they will have very little to survive on if any at all.
The United States of America helps everyone overseas, yet it doesn't help its own people.
The war in Afghanistan is still raging on. Now instead of Afghans going into those caves, they're sending our American soldiers in. They're turning their backs on us.
I think the United States should give them no help and no money to rebuild. The United States goes over there to help and they blow them up.
Just help our people first. Who's there when we need help? No one but ourselves, and we can't even get anything as easy as them.
It's hard for me to believe that the better you treat people the more they take advantage of us.
Take care of America first!