Deputy fired over Columbine statements

Deputy fired overColumbine statements
LITTLETON, Colo. -- Citing "unacceptable conduct," a sheriff fired a deputy accused of giving conflicting statements about the shooting of a student whose parents say was accidentally killed by an officer during the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.
Relatives of slain student Daniel Rohrbough said Lt. Jim Taylor told them he saw a boy fall to the ground after apparently being shot and realized it was Rohrbough after seeing newspaper photos of him.
But in a Dec. 31 statement, Taylor said he didn't see the shooting and told the family only what he had seen on television and read in newspapers.
Taylor was fired for his actions Wednesday.
"I am extremely disappointed that false information regarding the tragedy of Columbine High School was provided to the families of the victims of Columbine by a member of my staff," said Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan. "I sincerely apologize for the unacceptable conduct of one former member of my organization."
Sullivan said radio tapes and interviews prove Taylor was not in a position to see gunfire or Rohrbough during the shooting.
Police confiscateweapons from suspect
SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. -- A fired nuclear power plant employee accused of threatening former co-workers amassed a cache of weapons that he reportedly wanted to use to "whack a bunch of people" at the plant.
David Reza was so angry over being fired from his job as a mechanic at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, authorities say, that he told an acquaintance, "They have taken my job, they have taken my life ... I'll take my guns and go to San Onofre and whack a bunch of people."
Orange County deputy sheriffs served search warrants at Reza's Laguna Niguel home and a storage unit in nearby San Juan Capistrano, finding 54 weapons at the house and more than 250 in the storage unit. Among them was a hand-held, anti-tank rocket launcher.
They also found 4,000 to 5,000 rounds of ammunition and four inert hand grenades lying next to a container of explosive powder.
Two deputies at the storage unit were overcome by a yellowish vapor that officials believe was military-grade tear gas stored in an ammunition canister. They were treated and released from a hospital.
Nuremberg documentsposted on Internet
TRENTON, N.J. -- Documents that helped convict Nazi war criminals and then gathered dust for decades in a law firm began appearing today in an online college law journal.
The first installment published by the Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion lays out a Nazi plan to eliminate Christianity and convert its followers to an Aryan philosophy.
New documents -- taken from 148 volumes of personal papers and records kept by Gen. William J. Donovan during the Nuremberg trials -- will be posted every six months, along with commentary from scholars.
"I definitely think it's information the general public has not had access to," said Julie Seltzer Mandel, editor of the law journal's Nuremberg project. "Up until now, it would have taken a lot of work to get a lot of this information."
The cache includes transcripts in German and English as well as background memoranda and evidentiary analyses of the defendants. Some are marked "top secret."
The Web site is
Violence at school
BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- The girls' school at the center of a fierce dispute between Catholics and Protestants was closed today after rioting outside injured 17 police officers a day earlier.
"The safety of the children is the prime consideration and until such time as we can get the children safely back to school, I ... have to be very conscious of that," said the Rev. Aidan Troy, chairman of the board of governors at the Catholic Holy Cross Primary School.
He said he had initially decided on a one-day closure, but was uncertain when school would reopen.
"In my heart I have no intention or desire to close that school, but equally not one child can be put at risk," he said.
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