City council has approved its committee assignments for the year:
Finance: Bonnie Viele, D-1st, chairwoman; John Marshall, D-2nd, and Douglas Rohrer, D-at large.
Streets and sidewalks: Rohrer, chairman; Lisha Pompili-Baumiller, D-4th, and Raymond Farcas, D-at large.
Safety: Richard Keenan, D-4th, chairman; Farcas and William Williams, D-at large.
Utilities: Williams, chairman; Marshall and Rohrer.
Parks and recreation: Marshall, chairman; Pompili-Baumiller and Williams.
Community and economic development: Pompili-Baumiller, chairwoman; Viele and Keenan.
Planning and zoning: Farcas, chairman; Keenan and Viele.
Trustees took the following action Tuesday:
Granted all nonunion township employees 3.5 percent raises.
Chose Kim Ohlin as the trustee chairman for 2002. Ohlin is beginning her second four-year term as trustee. Larry Wehr is the vice chairman and Ron Kappler is the trustee in charge of roads.
Changed the time and date of the monthly meeting to 6:30 p.m., the third Thursday of the month.
Raised the rates charged for the township ambulance service. The rate for an ambulance staffed with personnel trained in basic life support will go from $250 to $255 a run and an ambulance staffed with advanced life support personnel will go from $395 to $405 a run. The charge per mile transported will be increased to $8.50 a mile. The rate had been $8 a mile.
Margie Brown, the township's rescue squad chief, said the rates had not been raised for three years. A patient's insurance company would be billed for the cost. The rescue squad accepts what township residents' insurance companies pay. Individuals not living in the township, but using the ambulance, would be billed for the amount not paid by an insurance company.
Trustees voted to change zoning of a parcel located on the corner of South Avenue and Miley Road from residential to commercial. The Mahoning County Planning Commission and the Beaver Township Zoning Commission both recommended the change. Property owner Robert Begala told the trustees he plans to tear down the house located on the property and build a retail food establishment on the 0.70-acre site.
Trustees approved a pay raise for officer Wayne Unger from $9.08 to $9.13 per hour. The raise was provided for with grant money.
Trustees passed a resolution to pay $300 for work done on the township's cemetery vault doors.
Trustees discussed researching the possibility of a barking-dog ordinance.

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