Spanish soap star draws masses at mall

Spanish soap stardraws masses at mall
WHEATON, Md. -- Fire and police officials had to evacuate a shopping mall in Wheaton, Md., after thousands of fans packed inside to see Spanish-language soap opera star Miguel Varoni.
The actor's appearance at the Westfield Shoppingtown Wheaton Plaza attracted about 3,000 people Sunday, said Arthur Hawkins, deputy fire chief for the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department. Mall management had expected no more than several hundred fans.
"I was overwhelmed by the amount of people inside," Hawkins said. "It was packed all the way down the center of the mall."
Fire officials were called to the mall shortly after noon to investigate a report that people were unconscious, he said. The crowd, packed shoulder-to-shoulder, prevented firefighters from reaching the injured people. Hawkins said he shut down the event and called in police to help because of concerns that there were too many people in the mall.
One girl was taken to a hospital for heat exhaustion and two others were treated at the mall for minor heat exhaustion, Hawkins said.
Varoni, who stars on the Telemundo show "Pedro El Escamoso," was the main attraction at the event, which the network sponsored.
Seinfeld speaks,all about nothing
WASHINGTON -- The comic who had a sitcom about nothing appeared Saturday at the Kennedy Center in Washington and talked about, well, nothing. Furthermore, people paid $60 each to hear him, reports The Washington Post.
Speaking from the stage, clutching the microphone and wearing a three-button suit and tie, Seinfeld, 47, chatted about many things, including dating and even the "definite possibility" -- his words -- of a "Seinfeld" reunion.
Dating, of course, is something in his past, now that he and his wife of two years, Jessica Sklar, are the proud parents of daughter Sascha, who turned 1 in November. But he still remembers doing it.
"Twenty-five years of dating. Do you know how exhausting that is? 'So your sister is leasing a Hyundai Elantra?'" he said, feigning a yawn. "'I'd like to sleep with you, but I'm having trouble hanging in. I've got to be honest. I don't want another drink. I'll take a Ritalin if you have it.'"
As for a reunion, the chances of that occurring are even more likely once the careers of all four stars go down the tubes. So far, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander had shows that died quickly. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a new show in the works for NBC.
As Seinfeld said, "Two down, and two to go."
Moby wants to eatcat that bit him
NEW YORK -- Chrome-domed techno wizard Moby might be a vegetarian, but he vows he'll eat the vicious alley cat that put him in the hospital last week, reports The New York Post.
The musician needed a tetanus shot and a "megadose" of antibiotics after the feral feline bit his hand when he tried to pet it during an afternoon stroll in Chinatown.
"Throughout the day my hand got more and more infected and swollen and sore," he writes on his Web site, "But I, being relatively stoic, just went about my business, assuming that my relative youth and relative health would prevent me from getting rabies or whatever diseases were floating around in this cat's mouth."
Wrong -- by morning, the wound left Moby "with tons of pain and the inability to move my fingers," so he hurried to a local emergency room.
Now recovering, Moby says he doesn't blame the cat for following its instincts, but he's still hungry for a dish of vengeance served cold.
"Although I'm still a vegan, I will definitely eat this cat if I see it again."
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