Normal trade relations with China unwarranted

Normal trade relations with China unwarranted
While we have been focusing on the war on terrorism, a sad, pathetic decision was made by our government, and it has gone by virtually unnoticed. We have normalized trade relations with the People's Republic of China.
The PRC is a regime of thugs. Actually, that is being kind. These are the same guys who drove army tanks over peaceable young people who dared to protest their evil ways. Remember? These people just wanted what we have -- freedom. We are working to establish freedom for the Afghans. If freedom is good for them, then why isn't it good for the Chinese?
These are the same punks who dismantled our aircraft and sent it back to us in boxes. Remember?
These are the same butchers who, for decades now, have forced pregnant mothers to abort their babies and who persecute those who dare to practice their religious faith. Remember?
These are the ones who make virtually everything that you buy off the store shelf. They have dumped steel in our market for years while we have been shutting down plants all around.
Ask American veterans of the Korean War if they remember the Red Chinese. About 33,000 of those young men never had a chance to remember, because they died on a bloody battlefield.
So we normalized trade relations with them -- a regime every but as nasty as Stalin's -- without debate and without argument.
It just doesn't do justice to America and all that we represent. Corporate lobbyists have won the day, and the press doesn't peep a word. How sad, disgusting, and pathetic.
Restore manufacturing industry, Sunday closings
America, sometimes you make me sick.
First when I say "America," I don't mean all U.S. citizens. I am singling out a certain group, who should know who they are. Let me describe them.
On Sept. 11, 2001, one of America's most tragic days in history took place. We quickly closed our businesses, sent school children home early and were told to go home and embrace our families and loved ones.
By the next day, however, we were told not to let terrorism win, to go out and shop, buy and rebuild the economy, as if that would make the previous days events easier to bear.
Next came America's true colors. Buy flags, buy red, white and blue and stick it everywhere. The only trouble was that there were no flags to be found, and if you did find one it cost you triple its original price. We started sticking flags everywhere, and we made them out of any household gadget we could find. That wasn't enough. Flag-deficient citizens started stealing flags. Why? Maybe because the stores were out and the overseas manufacturers of U.S. flags couldn't ship them stateside fast enough. Just a thought.
Next let's take our holidays. Where do these put-up-my-Christmas-decorations- before-Thanksgiving people come from? Those same people then take everything down the day after Christmas. Has anybody heard of the Epiphany? We think we are God's gift to the rest of the world with our 24/7 lifestyles when truthfully they see us as fools who slave all day and create nothing. It's time for us to go back to becoming manufacturing giants again. The steel industry should be number one, not Microsoft.
It is also time for us to re-examine our lifestyles. Is it really necessary that Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week? We survived 30 years ago without Sunday shopping. I think we can do it again.
That one day off could possibly be spent with our families. I can go on, but I think you get the idea.