Stars and Stripes must fly above all others

Stars and Stripes must fly above all others
The foresight and wisdom of our founding fathers is nothing short of amazing. They gave us many freedoms, including the freedom of religion.
All over this planet, people worship different Gods in different ways. We, as Americans, respect each individual's rights to believe as he or she sees fit.
An old adage says, "You go to your church and I will go to mine, but let's walk along together." The Christian population believes one way, the Indian population believes another, the Muslims have their own beliefs, etc. In all this, there is only one fact. We live in the same country, America. We fly one flag above all others. This is the only true symbol of our freedom.
The ones who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom lie under one flag, only. The Stars and Stripes. Non-denominational.
The Baptist church in Poland is not breaking any written laws. They are breaking an unwritten one. Our founding fathers gave them this freedom. They are also going against the code for the display of our flag. This code should be respected.
The pastor is correct when he says, "This is a no brainer." Ask any service person or veteran and they will agree but not in the same way the pastor explains.
If you live in America and you believe in America, there should not be any other flag flown above the Stars and Stripes, regardless of an individual's beliefs.
I am an ex-prisoner of war. I have seen the suffering and starvation suffered for this flag and country. Nothing should ever fly higher.
Not enough people in Valley to support arena
The Youngstown City Council is falling all over itself trying to maintain control over the $26 million that Mr. Traficant received as payment from the Republicans for selling out his Democratic district. Before the Valley plunges head first into building this arena, the council and Arena board should take a look at the numerous studies that indicate arenas have almost no positive economic impact once the construction phase is complete.
In fact, some arenas have a negative economic impact.
What kind of events are the proponents of this waste of money anticipating? Arena football, minor league hockey, small concerts, possibly conventions?
Do the residents of the Mahoning Valley need arena football?
Can an area the size of the Valley support a minor league hockey franchise, when a city the size of Cleveland can't?
Is the Valley a viable market for concerts, when there are arenas such as Gund Arena, the Cleveland State University Convocation center and numerous other 5,000 -10,000 seat arenas within an hours drive?
Mayor McKelvey and council need to reassess the viability of this white elephant and determine if they can divert the money to another project that will improve the quality of life in Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.
Certainly, sports arenas aren't the answer.
Poland pastor right to put God's flag first
I'm writing regarding the pastor of a Poland church, who has chosen to fly the Christian flag above the American flag on the flagpole on his church. I am so glad someone has chosen to put God first, where He belongs. He has been taken out of schools and many other places, but they can do nothing to a church that gives Him the place of honor that is rightfully His. Thank you, Rev. Knaub.