Police wound suspect in Texas office shooting

Police wound suspectin Texas office shooting
ADDISON, Texas -- A man fatally shot and stabbed a woman inside a suburban Dallas office building Thursday before he was critically wounded by police gunfire. Witnesses said they heard several shots in the first-floor office in Addison, some 10 miles north of Dallas. Police said they found the suspect, Todd Caro, 35, still inside and shot him during a confrontation.
Police said Caro knew his victim, Misty Dixon Acevedo, 26. "Investigators are trying to determine what that relationship was," Officer Brad Freis said. The victim died at RHD Memorial Medical Center of multiple gunshot and stab wounds, hospital spokeswoman Leslie Runnels said.
The suspect was in critical condition at Baylor Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Kathryn Goldstein said. He has been arrested, but police were conferring with the district attorney to determine charges. The shooting occurred at Manley Pro-Link Financial Services.
Arson suspects arrested
SYDNEY, Australia -- Authorities arrested two more teen-age arson suspects today as erratic winds and dry air fed wildfires that have destroyed homes and wreaked havoc across Australia's most populous state. The arrests of a 14-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl brought the number of people detained on suspicion of starting fires that have burned for nearly two weeks in New South Wales to 23, including 15 juveniles.
Firefighters and weather forecasters predicted that the blazes, which have destroyed homes and crops and forced thousands of people to evacuate, could still be burning next week. "It remains a menace. I think these fires have been the most protracted I can remember in my lifetime," said Prime Minister John Howard.
Student's family to seekgrand jury investigation
DENVER -- The family of a slain Columbine student will formally request a federal grand jury investigation into claims he was accidentally killed by a police officer during the 1999 massacre. Federal and County prosecutors refused Thursday to look into allegations that Daniel Rohrbough was killed by the officer, saying there was no reason to believe any crime was committed.
Lawyer Barry Arrington said Thursday he would make an official request of U.S. Attorney John Suthers by Monday. Arrington said the Columbine tragedy falls within federal bounds because it deals with an alleged conspiracy by the Jefferson County sheriff's office to conceal the family's constitutional rights. "Deprivation of life is a violation of the Constitution," Arrington said.
Gov. Bill Owens also made a push for a grand jury investigation after prosecutors said they were declining to convene the panel. "A grand jury investigation may be helpful in resolving the continuing controversies surrounding Columbine," Owens said in a statement.
Winter storm in Southleaves at least 10 dead
RALEIGH, N.C. -- A potent mix of snowfall and deep freeze has wrapped the South in a dangerously icy cocoon, leaving at least 10 people dead from accidents on slick roads. The storm has dumped about a foot of snow on parts of North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. The snow was tapering off early today, but freezing temperatures -- including record lows in parts of Florida -- were expected to extend the misery into the weekend.
Hundreds of flights were canceled at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, the nation's busiest. South Carolina's governor declared a state of emergency, called out the National Guard and told tens of thousands of state workers to take the rest of the week off. The storm came as a shock to Southerners who were basking in 70-degree temperatures just a couple of weeks ago. Daffodils, crocuses and cherry blossoms were tricked into believing spring had already arrived.
Former Klansman foundcompetent to stand trial
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- A former Ku Klux Klansman who state psychologists testified was faking mental problems has been ruled competent to stand trial for the murder of four black girls killed in a 1963 church bombing. Circuit Judge James Garrett handed down the decision Thursday, reversing his own ruling last year that Bobby Frank Cherry was mentally incompetent.
In a two-sentence order, Garrett said the retired trucker "has been restored to competency." The judge, without any detailed explanation, said his finding was based on legal briefs and on a recent hearing, at which psychologists testified about Cherry's mental condition.
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