Famous families gather in Aspen

Famous familiesgather in Aspen
ASPEN, Colo. -- Maybe it's the times we live in or maybe everyone's getting older, but Aspen -- which used to be a wild party town -- has been all about family values this season, The New York Post reports.
Take Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, who have been spending lots of quality time at the nearby ranch of Don Johnson and his new wife, Kelley.
Don and Melanie, of course, have been married to each other twice and still manage to remain friends and loving parents to Alexander, 16, and Dakota, 12. Also in tow are Melanie and Antonio's daughter, Stella, 5, and Don and Kelley's baby, Grace.
Goldie Hawn is making the Aspen scene as usual with Kurt Russell (so much for those rumors about problems in this relationship) along with her "Almost Famous" daughter Kate Hudson and Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson, who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith marked their fourth anniversary New Year's Eve in a low-key way -- with their son, Jaden Christopher, 3, and baby daughter, Willow Camille.
Newly reunited songbirds Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel are at the St. Regis but stick mostly to their suite.
Meanwhile, one star who seemingly will never settle down is Jack Nicholson, who has been hitting Jerome's bar in the evenings while a sitter tends his children.
Comedian savorsdramatic roles
NEW YORK -- Comedian Jamie Foxx says dramatic roles such as Drew "Bundini" Brown in the new film "Ali" give him more opportunity to prove his acting skills.
Foxx, 34, plays boxer Muhammad Ali's troubled aide in the movie directed by Michael Mann. Will Smith stars as Ali.
"Ali" focuses on the boxer's prime, from his Cassius Clay days in 1964 when he wins the heavyweight crown from Sonny Liston, through his return to glory 10 years later as he reclaims the championship from George Foreman at the "Rumble in the Jungle" in Zaire.
"I've benefited more by doing drama right now because of the fact that it's not expected. Because if you get a person who doesn't know that you do comedy and they still enjoy the performance then that means it's genuine," Foxx said in a recent interview.
He also appeared in 1999's "Any Given Sunday."
Foxx was the host of the WB comedy series "The Jamie Foxx Show."
'Lord of the Rings' rolerequired new skills
NEW YORK -- Sword fighting anyone? That's one of the skills Orlando Bloom picked up while training for his role as the fearless elf Legolas for "The Lord of the Rings" movies.
The three films in the series based on J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy were shot simultaneously in New Zealand. The first film, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," is now in theaters.
Training began two months before the start of filming, said Bloom. Besides sword fighting, he also learned archery, horseback riding and how to paddle a boat.
"The first thing I had was a bow stuck in my hand," he told reporters recently. "I started training with a bow and arrow in order to get archery going. And horse-riding training. And then swordplay. ... And paddle training."
Bloom also appears in the new film "Black Hawk Down."
Osmond show
BRANSON, Mo. -- The Osmond Brothers will perform their annual Christmas show at another Branson theater.
Their theater will be leased for the entire year to On Stage Entertainment Inc., Jimmy Osmond announced recently.
He said his brothers Wayne, Merrill and Jay will announce the new location of their show soon, adding that he might join them on various dates.
The Osmonds announced a deal last March with the Las Vegas-based entertainment company, which allowed the Osmond Brothers to perform there October through December.
On Stage Entertainment plans to present "Legends in Concert," a variety show featuring re-creations of performances of entertainers from the past and present, at the Branson theater.
Today's birthdays
Former U.S. ambassador Vernon Walters is 85. Sportscaster Hank Stram is 79. Record producer Sir George Martin is 76. Actor Robert Loggia is 72. Actor Dabney Coleman is 70. Journalist-author Betty Rollin is 66. Hockey Hall-of-Famer Bobby Hull is 63. Singer-songwriter-producer Van Dyke Parks is 59. Musician Stephen Stills is 57. Rock musician John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) is 56. Actress Victoria Principal is 52. Actor-director Mel Gibson is 46. Actress Shannon Sturges is 34. Jazz musician James Carter is 33. Actor Jason Marsden is 27. Actress Danica McKellar is 27. Actor Nicholas Gonzalez is 26. Actor Alex D. Linz is 13.

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