Congress should insist on airline responsibility

Congress should insist on airline responsibility
Several weeks ago I attended a family event, and several of the other guests began talking about 9-11. Most of their conversation revolved around their frustration in sending donations for victims' families to find that most of their mortgages were $3,000 a month and above.
People want to help, but they don't understand the differences in the economies and don't realize that a simple little two- bedroom condo goes for $3,000 a month and is not a luxury apartment. After some input by me about the differing econo mies in Kansas and New York, they were not quite as upset.
However, the sentiment you mention in your editorial is popping up all over the country, because regardless of the economy of a state, as a nation we are all paying the bills. We opened our hearts and our pocketbooks because we have to let the world know and the victims know that this event affects everyone.
Congress is going too far, and your editorial says it well. Money shouldn't be the bottom line, but if the airlines that put profits way ahead of security can't meet the individual lawsuits should a family sue, that is their problem. For the government to get involved the manner proposed is just a huge lobbyist victory for the airlines.
Olathe, Kan
X The writer grew up in Canton and has many relatives in Youngstown. She reads The Vindicator at
United States risks losing status as Christian nation
In a recent survey reported in The Vindicator, a cross section of Americans revealed that only 17 percent of this nation base their morals and values on the Bible.
Does this sound like a Christian nation? I don't think so.
According to the worldwide media , Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world especially in the United States.
If this is the case, then we, as a nation, are a fertile field for proponents of Islam, and if this trend continues, we'll be another Afghanistan in 50 to 100 years.
Is it any wonder that this nation is not mentioned as a world power in Biblical end-time prophecy?
Christians, where are you?
North Jackson
Kindnesses remembered
In the midst of the sadness on Sept 11, we are all very grateful for the concern and help from so many people, and it grows and grows.
I want to share my thoughts with six wonderful people who came to my aid on Sept 15. My car broke down in the Austintown Plaza, and while I was waiting for the tow truck, they all drove by, one at a time, and stopped to ask how they could help me.
May I wish all of them a very happy New Year. May God bless them.
Gratitude for a life saved
In the early morning hours of a recent day, I suffered a heart attack at my home. I was in total distress, wheezing and gasping for breath. A call to 911 brought the Girard Fire Department ambulance and a police cruiser to our home within five minutes.
The well trained firefighter/paramedics administered oxygen and rushed me to North Side Hospital where the medical experts stabilized my life. I am grateful to the emergency room staff for their care .
This experience gives us something to consider when our safety forces seek support.
X The writer is a retired judge of the Girard Municipal Court