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MERCER COUNTY Ex-tax collector gets time in jail

Wednesday, January 2, 2002

A South Carolina man will serve time in a Pennsylvania prison for a sex offense.
MERCER, Pa. -- A former Hermitage tax collector has been sentenced to one to 18 months in jail for embezzling tax funds.
Judge Thomas Dobson of Mercer County Common Pleas Court also ordered Rosemary Moses, 64, of Hasenflu Drive, to make restitution of $92,588.
Moses pleaded guilty in October to a charge of defrauding tax collector/embezzlement, a misdemeanor.
Court documents say Moses, who was receiver of taxes for the city of Hermitage, failed to pay thousands of dollars in Earned Income Taxes and Occupational Privilege Taxes that she collected between 1986 and February 2000 to the city of Hermitage and the Hermitage school district.
She also destroyed wage tax forms, cash receipt records, ledgers and public records documenting the tax collection. The missing funds were discovered in an audit.
Moses worked as interim receiver of taxes in June 1982, then was hired July 1, 1982, as wage tax office receiver of taxes.
Sex crime
The judge also sentenced Mark Bragg, 42, of Johns Island, S.C., to a prison term for a sex offense and one crime involving a gun.
Bragg received a sentence of six to 17 years for felony statutory sexual assault, and for simple assault and recklessly endangering another person, both misdemeanors.
Court documents say Bragg had sex with a girl under 18, then threatened her with a firearm to prevent her from reporting him.
He also threatened another woman with a gun in a related matter. All the events occurred between March 1999 and December 2000 at a Pymatuning Township mobile home park.
Several other people also were sentenced.
UStevie Dean, 36, of A Street, Sharon, was sentenced to 12 to 30 months in jail for a felony count of possessing firearms without a license for having a .32-caliber revolver at his home May 14 after having been convicted of burglary in Indiana in 1986. He was given 229 days' credit for time already served.
UMary Jo Madden, 39, of Wallington, Pa., was sentenced to nine to 24 months for passing bad checks. Court documents say that in July 2001 she presented three checks totaling $8,034 to the Mercer County clerk of courts knowing they would not be honored.
UMark Nichols, 23, of Independence Court, Sharon, was sentenced to six to 18 months in jail for felony auto theft and 24 months' probation to be served consecutively for felony burglary and possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor. Nichols stole a car parked at the Country Fair on Walnut Street, Sharpsville, on Feb. 28. He also entered the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy on East State Street, Sharon, on June 25 and stole medicine valued at under $2,000, court documents say.
UJames Burnett, 27, of North Goodhope Road, Greenville, was sentenced recently by Judge Francis Fornelli to six months to two years for growing marijuana, a felony. Burnett was found in possession of 119 marijuana plants and with paraphernalia for growing the plants at his home last May. He was given credit for 205 days already served and will be paroled only when he has employment.