HAIRY OCCASIONS Taming your mane

The following are tips from hair professionals for keeping different kinds of hair trouble to an absolute minimum.
Use a clarifying shampoo twice a week to remove mineral deposits from salt water and chlorine build-up that can turn hair green.
Follow the shampoo with a deep, leave-in conditioner. If your hair is curly, you will need a heavier, oil-based conditioner.
Trim the split ends every four weeks in summer and every six to eight weeks in the winter.
Use a hair spray with sunscreen and a high gloss to protect hair and get maximum shine.
Always moisturize your hair with a hydrating conditioner with Vitamin E.
Bring your conditioner to the beach. When you get out of the water, put it on and cover your head with a cap.
Make sure that any hair gel you use is alcohol-free. Alcohol dries hair and leaves it brittle.
Try to wear a hat when you're in the sun to keep your hair from becoming bronzy.
Use hairspray with sunscreen daily.
Use products that aren't oil-based. Oil makes the hair heavy and limp.
Avoid blow-drying hair. Instead roll the hair up when it's wet and sit under the dryer. That will add lift and make the hair bouncy.
Stay away from the curling iron. It only fries thin hair.
Cut hair in layers to make it look fuller.
Curly hair soaks up moisture faster, so use heavier, oil-based products that will last. Also, thicker gels and conditioners hold curls better because they bond hair together.
Blow-dry hair with a diffuser; it's easier on the curls.
Try a layered cut. Layers make the hair less dense and results in less perspiration. And less perspiration equals less frizz.
Look for products that don't have alcohol and won't dry out hair.

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