Worst loss of his career: "Probably two years ago against Canfield. We went into the game 5-1, ranked in the state because of our football team. They put it to us. They beat us by 25 points."
On his love of Michigan: "I grew up loving the Fab Five. (He cried when the Wolverines lost the national championship to North Carolina in 1993.) When Ohio State won in football this year, I had 25 messages on my answering machine."Toughest place to play: Springfield, Dunn said, although he's not a big fan of Howland either. "I don't like that place."
Best players he's faced: Sam Clancy at Lakewood St. Edward (now a starter at USC). Rick McFadden, Struthers (now at Ohio State). "I haven't played LeBron [James, a junior at Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary]."
His dream: Every year since he was 6, Dunn has gone to Columbus with his father and uncle to watch the high school state championships. "I always said I wanted to be there. Now, this is my last year."
--Joe Scalzo

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