Important for nation to be returning to God

Important for nation to be returning to God
Thank you for including the Bible verses in your editorial column on Christmas morning.
Too many business people are afraid to mention their belief in God. Why? Who are we afraid of offending? A few atheists?
This country was founded by people who believed in God. But it took an act of terrorism on Sept 11 to give us the courage to sing God Bless America in public once again.
When and why did we become some so godless? We've been so interested in material things, we didn't appreciate our real blessings. No wonder so many kids today worship Abercrombie & amp; Fitch more than God.
Perhaps Sept 11 will help us take another look at our priorities.
Thanks for reminding us to keep God in the holiday season.
Teachers' dedication cannot be denied
The recent article regarding Eagle Heights Academy did not tell the whole story about the dedication of the school and staff in helping the students succeed. I spent part of last fall as a tutor for one of the fourth grade classes at Eagle Heights Academy as part of my class at Youngstown State University. I was amazed at what I saw.
Parents were always informed of their children's progress and encouraged to take an active part in their education; both at home and in the school. There was always at least one parent in the office signing in to sit in one of their children's' class. The fourth grade teacher I had the privilege of working for, Mrs. Zidian, was as dedicated to the success of each student as I have ever seen or remember seeing either in my own education or that of my three children. The students' attitude of wanting to do good could be seen every day.
The failure rate of the fourth grade is not good by any standards. But I feel the administration and staff at Eagle Heights Academy will take this challenge and turn those scores around. They are dedicated and care about the success of their students and are proud of their school.
East Palestine
In the New Year, let there be peace for everyone
In the past, I failed to keep my New Year's resolutions, but this year there is a resolution I'm determined and will work hard to keep.
In St. Nicholas Church where I worship, one song I love and which always has my full attention is "Let there be peace on Earth." It continues, "and let it begin with me." I find the words thought-provoking and the message powerful.
I can't help but wonder if peace could become something contagious and spread from one person to another what a different world people everywhere would be living in.
When I think of peace, I always remember a dear friend who always gave the peace sign. He has since passed away but that peace sign is a lasting memory.
I pray that all who seek peace are blessed with a contagious spirit and a New Year of less turmoil and greater happiness. A peace sign could be a great beginning.